[openstack-dev] trove and heat integration status

Michael Basnight mbasnight at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 22:17:09 UTC 2013


one of the TC requests for integration of trove was to integrate heat. While this is a small task for single instance installations, when we get into clustering it seems a bit more painful. Id like to submit the following as a place to start the discussion for why we would/wouldnt integrate heat (now). This is, in NO WAY, to say we will not integrate heat. Its just a matter of timing and requirements for our 'soon to be' cluster api. I am, however, targeting getting trove to work in a rpm environment, as it is tied to apt currently.

1) Companies who are looking at trove are not yet looking at heat, and a hard dependency might stifle growth of the product initially
2) homogeneous LaunchConfiguration
	• a database cluster is heterogeneous
	• Our cluster configuration will need to specify different sized slaves, and allow a customer to upgrade a single slaves configuration
	• heat said if this is something that has a good use case, they could potentially make it happen (not sure of timeframe)
3) have to modify template to scale out
	• This doable but will require hacking a template in code and pushing that template
	• I assume removing a slave will require the same finagling of the template
	• I understand that a better version of this is coming (not sure of timeframe)

I will be tracking the following at [1]

[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Trove/HeatIntegration

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