[openstack-dev] Move keypair management out of Nova and into Keystone?

Jarret Raim jarret.raim at RACKSPACE.COM
Tue Jul 2 13:49:30 UTC 2013

I've spent some time thinking about how Barbican (Key Management) can help
in this workflow.

We will have the ability to generate SSH keys (and a host of other key &
certificate types). This is backed by cryptographically sound code and
we've spent some time figuring out the entropy problem and HSM support. If
the keys are stored in Barbican, we'd get the audit / logging and other
functionality needed for compliance. We also get federation which will
allow customers of public Clouds (or shared private Clouds) to maintain
custody of their own keys rather than storing them in the provider.

There seem to be a couple of ways to take advantage of this functionality.
If a key is specific to a user, then Keystone could store a URI to the key
in Barbican and Nova could request it on server creation. Alternatively,
the user could pass a URI to a key into Nova directly. If we want to move
to always enabling SSH key access only on boot, Nova could create a key
under the requesting tenant in Barbican and use it on server create.
Things get more interesting when we are talking about IPSec certificates
and the like. Barbican seems a more logical place to generate / store /
share these types of keys than Keystone.

I'm open to other options - we are going to build this type of
functionality and I'm interested in how people would like to use it.


On 7/2/13 7:46 AM, "Jay Pipes" <jaypipes at gmail.com> wrote:

>On 07/02/2013 08:26 AM, Simo Sorce wrote:
>> On Mon, 2013-07-01 at 21:03 -0400, Jay Pipes wrote:
>>> On 07/01/2013 07:49 PM, Jamie Lennox wrote:
>>>> On Mon, 2013-07-01 at 14:09 -0700, Nachi Ueno wrote:
>>>>> Hi folks
>>>>> I'm interested in it too.
>>>>> I'm working on VPN support for Neutron.
>>>>> Public key authentication is one of feature milestone in the IPsec
>>>>> implementation.
>>>>> But I believe key-pair management api and the implementation will be
>>>>> quite similar in Key for IPsec and Nova.
>>>>> so I'm +1 for moving key management for Keystone.
>>>>> Best
>>>>> Nachi
>>>> I don't know how nova's keypair management works but i assume we are
>>>> talking about keys for ssh-ing into new virtual machines rather than
>>>> keys for authentication against nova.
>>>> Keystone's v3 api has credentials storage (see
>>>>y-api/src/markdown/identity-api-v3.md ), is this sufficient on behalf
>>>>of keystone? There is some support in the current master of
>>>>keystoneclient for working with these credentials.
>>>> Otherwise would the upcoming barbican be a more appropriate place?
>>>> If i've got this wrong and we are using these keys to actually
>>>> authenticate against nova then if someone can point me to the code
>>>> see how hard it is to transfer to keystone.
>>> Actually, no, I think you have it right (though the correct link is
>>> I think the main work, though, has to be in removing/replacing the Nova
>>> API /keypairs stuff with calls to Keystone's v3/credentials API.
>>> Would the appropriate way to do this be to add an API shim into Nova's
>>> API that simply calls out to the Keystone v3/credentials API IFF
>>> Keystone's v3 API is enabled in the deployment? Then, deprecate the old
>>> code and when Keystone v2 API is sunsetted, then remove the old Nova
>>> keypairs API codepaths?
>> I guess you also need to handle a migration of the data from one store
>> to the other ?
>> Or are these data migrations left as an exercise to the admins ?
>No, you are correct, a migration script should be included as part of
>the code.
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