[openstack-dev] RFC: Basic definition of OpenStack Programs and first batch

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Tue Jul 2 09:20:35 UTC 2013

John Dickinson wrote:
> I really like the Solution 2 proposal.

There is also a "Solution 3" variant:

Everything is a program. Some programs produce an integrated/server
piece, then that specific project (not the program that produces it)
needs to go through incubation.

That variant preserves the concept of "project" that can be "integrated"
and potentially "core", and just wraps the "programs" concept above it.
It leaves the door open to an established "program" that would introduce
a new integrated/server piece (solution 2 doesn't really handle that
corner case).

Something like:

'OpenStack Programs' are efforts which are essential to the completion
of our mission. Programs can create any code repository and produce any
deliverable they deem necessary to achieve their goals.

Programs are placed under the oversight of the Technical Committee, and
contributing to one of their code repositories grants you ATC status.

Current efforts or teams which want to be recognized as an 'OpenStack
Program' should place a request to the Technical Committee, including a
clear mission statement describing how they help the OpenStack general
mission and how that effort is essential to the completion of our
mission. If programs have a goal that includes the production of
a server 'integrated' deliverable, that specific project would still
need to go through an Incubation period.

The initial Programs are 'Nova', 'Swift', 'Cinder', 'Neutron',
'Horizon', 'Glance', 'Keystone', 'Heat', 'Ceilometer', 'Documentation',
'Infrastructure', 'QA' and 'Oslo'. 'Trove' and 'Ironic' are in
incubation. Those programs should retroactively submit a mission
statement and initial lead designation, if they don't have one already.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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