[openstack-dev] Pip and test requires files??

Joshua Harlow harlowja at yahoo-inc.com
Mon Sep 24 19:33:43 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I am wondering if we can get some standardization on what should go in the test-requires file and what should not. I've noticed a lot of cross-project dependencies show up in those files (X requires Y for testing so pull it in) or recently nova starting asking for 'python-ldap' for tests. Those kind of dependencies seem sort of odd in that depending on a ldap server for unit tests (or is it an integration test) seems to be wrong (mocking ftw). Perhaps we should split up this into 3 files, #1 pip-requires for what is actually needed for the main piece of software (core dependencies), #2 for what is needed for tests (should match 1 + things like nose, since mocking is available) and #3 what is needed for functional tests (python-ldap? and such which can't be mocked at this stage easily…), ie a functional-requires file.

Do others think this would be useful? Right now its hard to know whats really needed for unit testing and whats not since they are combined at the hip… Imho I'd almost consider it bugs if #2 there contains external dependencies as well (everything should be mocked out).

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