[openstack-dev] Writing Methods for Nova API

Trinath Somanchi trinath.somanchi at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 09:54:31 UTC 2012


I'm trying to understand the NOVA api request process flow.

Using my custom script, testing.py, I have created a server with some
metadata. It was successful.  But I have modified to script this way.

I have written a definition,
metadetailserver(self,detailed=True,search_opts=sMetadata) in a custom file
testing.py which uses the novaclient apis.

the sMetadata is a dict with the following values: sMetadata =
{"key":"Created By","value":"TestApp.py"}

Also, in the wsgi.py, I have handled this method for framing the request as
"server/metadetail/" with the metadata values as options using URLencode.

But then I understood that in nova/api/compute/__init__.py have routers and
resource handlers which map the request to the respective controller and

I want to know on

  [1] How to map the request to the appropriate controller and method ?

With respect to my code study, I came to know that there are view builders
which frame the response in XML or Json formats.

  [2] How to hook a self/newly defined view builder with the new method.

In the code flow study, I was confused or lost at certain points of request

Can any one kindly help me understand the same.

Thanks in advance.

Trinath Somanchi,
+91 9866 235 130
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