[openstack-dev] [metering] add self- enable/disable check on plugin load

Justin Simms justin.simms at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 16:18:35 UTC 2012


I would like to work on an implementation for this wishlist item. I thought
that I would explain my approach and then get feedback from the group.

Basically, I would like to implement an approach for
self-enabling/disabling for plugins using explicit disable via config files
or through the use of a combination of stevedore with a provided
initialization function for each plugin that will use the environment of
the system to determine whether or not it needs to disable its polling
feature, so that for instance a libvirt plugin that is not on a system
where libvirt is being used would disable itself if it has not been
explicitly disabled via a config file supplied with ceilometer where each
plugin has a section with something like a poll-disable , listen-disable,
or similarly named collection of booleans that would explicitly cut off
features that were not needed or desired.

I talked a bit with doug about this and we thought it would be better to
direct this dicsussion to the mailing list. Please let me know your thought
and/or concerns so that I can do everything I need to so that this feature
can be implemented appropriately for ceilometer. Thanks.

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