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Bhandaru, Malini K malini.k.bhandaru at intel.com
Tue Sep 4 23:38:27 UTC 2012


1)      Javascript error eliminated -- happy

2)      I can just as easily code up buttons and tables with the for-loop tag from Django.

Just wondering if I can use the Horizon table support ala in access-and-security

3)      Get_link_url  -- on a table action is it possible to define this method? My attempts to do so resulted in empty url, this is useful for hierarchical objects.

For instance create_action on the extra_specs table should basically pop up a form to allow one to specify an key and a value for the flavor-id that one is editing.

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Matt, new to all things Open Stack. I thought blueprints were to define a feature and get approval.
Extra specs for flavors is all approved.  Yours truly just struggling to build in the UI support!

Extra specs is associated with a flavor is we have a hierarchy.

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Maybe this is better done as a blueprint in launchpad?
On Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 3:48 PM, Bhandaru, Malini K <malini.k.bhandaru at intel.com<mailto:malini.k.bhandaru at intel.com>> wrote:
Greetings All!

Would like to via the flavor-edit menu make extra specs view-able and editable.

Is it possible in a view to support rendering a table in addition to ordinary fields?
The ordinary fields being VCPUs, RAM etc and the table being extra_specs?
I also need the create_extra_specs and edit_extra_specs to carry over the flavor_id in their url
Alternately if there is a similar example you could point me too...

And before I can debug the above I run in a javascrip error on clicking my edit-flavor button.

Any and all help appreciated!

In views.py

from .extra_specs.tables import ExtraSpecsTable



def get_extra_spec_data(request, flavor_id):

        extra_spec_list = []


            extra_spec_dict = api.extra_spec_list(request, flavor_id)

            for k in extra_spec_dict.keys():

                extra_spec_list.append(ExtraSpecAux(flavor_id, k, extra_spec_dict[k]))



                              _('Unable to retrieve extra spec list.'))

        return extra_spec_list

class EditView(forms.ModalFormView):

    form_class = EditFlavor

    table_class = ExtraSpecsTable

    template_name = 'syspanel/flavors/edit.html'

    success_url = reverse_lazy('horizon:syspanel:flavors:index')

    def get_context_data(self, **kwargs):

        context = super(EditView, self).get_context_data(**kwargs)

        context['flavor_id'] = self.kwargs['id']

        return context

    def get_initial(self):


            flavor = api.nova.flavor_get(self.request, self.kwargs['id'])

            extra_spec_list = get_extra_spec_data(self.request, self.kwargs['id'])



                              _("Unable to retrieve flavor data."))

        return {'flavor_id': flavor.id<http://flavor.id>,

                'name': flavor.name<http://flavor.name>,

                'vcpus': flavor.vcpus,

                'memory_mb': flavor.ram,

                'disk_gb': flavor.disk,

                'eph_gb': getattr(flavor, 'OS-FLV-EXT-DATA:ephemeral', None),

                'extra_specs': extra_spec_list}



<div id="extra_specs">

      {{ extra_specs_table.render }}


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