[openstack-dev] Nova PTL candidacy

Matt Joyce matt.joyce at cloudscaling.com
Tue Sep 4 20:03:06 UTC 2012

Vish is also a pretty cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything.

On Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 12:58 PM, Vishvananda Ishaya
<vishvananda at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> I'm writing to announce my candidacy for the Project Technical Lead of
> Nova for the Grizzly Release cycle.
> Qualifications
> --------------
> I was part of the original Anso Labs Team that created Nova at NASA[1]. I
> have more commits to nova than any other contributor[2] and the second most
> in the past 12 months[3]. I am the most active reviewer for nova commits[4]
> I have been the Nova PTL since the position waw created[5].
> Folsom Accomplishments
> ----------------------
> A lot was achieved in Nova during this cycle. I have to give most of the
> credit to the active contributors we had. I don't have space to cover
> everything that we achieved during the release but here are some key points:
> * Split the volume code into its own project and helped it get under way.
> * Versioned the rpc apis
> * Improved api testing and xml support
> * Moved instances to using exclusively UUIDs
> * Improved our state management and minimized race conditions
> * Cleaned up the quota management to make it more robust
> Grizzly Plan
> ------------
> While there is a great deal to be determined at the design summit, I think
> there are a few key things that we need to focus on over the next cycle.
> * Spreadi
> * No DB compute: We did a huge amount of preparation during folsom to
> allow us to remove database access from the compute nodes. This will
> dramatically improve the security profile of nova and allow us to scale
> * Better quantum integration: We are very close to a seamless integration
> with quantum where a provider could be using quantum on the backend and
> end-users wouldn't even have to know.
> * Upgrade consistency: Now that we have rpc versioning, we should be able
> to take steps to allow for the possibility of live upgrades
> * Better support for custom backends: we need to solidify the driver
> interfaces so custom backends can potentially live out-of-tree. This will
> allow the management
> Vish
> [1]
> https://github.com/openstack/nova/commit/f04c6ab2d082ce8fe48ec58cb5c7cc64ed2a282b
> [2] http://www.ohloh.net/p/novacc/contributors?query=&sort=commits
> [3] http://www.ohloh.net/p/novacc/contributors
> [4]
> [5] https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/msg01674.html
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