[openstack-announce] [new][tripleo] tripleo-heat-templates 2.1.0 release (mitaka)

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Tue Aug 30 17:51:59 UTC 2016

We are stoked to announce the release of:

tripleo-heat-templates 2.1.0: Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
with OpenStack.

This release is part of the mitaka release series.

With source available at:


Please report issues through launchpad:


For more details, please see below.

Changes in tripleo-heat-templates 2.0.0..2.1.0

690b94e Don't trigger mariadb upgrade dump/restore when not needed
eacdd84 [mitaka-only] Fix up OPM symlinks before AODH migration
052e0f0 Add parameter for enabling purging configuration files
ecc4e41 Properly direct MTU parameters and allow service defaults
1e08f73 Revert "We don't need to set a default for the CephX keys and cluster FSID"
9b1ceee We don't need to set a default for the CephX keys and cluster FSID
1daa480 Fixes type and description for NeutronL3HA
7c3104e Configure Nova [cache] options correctly (Mitaka only)
175e52d Set secure_proxy_ssl_header 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO' for nova-api
1320474 Install python-cradox explicitly during upgrades
730fc43 Don't set selinux in 'permissive' mode on CephStorage nodes
5bb7a72 Fixes nova host configuration on control nodes
43b7dc0 Remove the ControllerCount constraint
a6f7dff Remove two races during the L->M Keystone under httpd migration
17c58a4 openstack-core resource does not have interleave=true
3e658b6 Repurpose KeystoneWorkers add keystone::wsgi::apache::threads
804bbed Use create-legacy-resource-types during gnocchi-upgrade
e1886c1 Add base constraint so gnocchi metricd is tied to core-clone
10a584f Fix ceilometer auth url for compute
758fa37 Minor updates might fail with missing MysqlClustercheckPassword property
54c1534 Create openstack-core resource regardless of enable_load_balancer
e616544 Ensure the Heat Domain parameters before starting heat-engine pcmk service
721d8fd Add a second proxy-logging middleware entry to swift-proxy
6e7dcd4 Fix network-isolation.yaml to stop clobbering Management net
112337e Include bulk in swift proxy pipeline
ca12603 Increase RabbitMQ maximum file descriptors.
64d70eb Merge pacemaker_master/sync_db conditionals
4ed7609 Allow neutron_options customization for dashboard
51de704 Dump and restore galera db during major upgrades
4ec7f46 Stop no-opping PackageUpdate on upgrade
f5f379b [Mitaka only] Install packages for new components on upgrade
f26a2ed Increase cluster sync timeout for M->N major upgrades
5044f9b Fix ceilometer auth url
d33f590 Disable stonith temporarily during upgrades
947ed53 L->M upgrades keystone change of path of the paste_deploy config_file
ea57876 Allow sahara ports in firewall
f45b6f4 Allow pacemaker ports in firewall
65efc46 Keystone liberty mitaka upgrade step
a8aa22c Add require-all=false to aodh upgrade constraint
b6052d0 set aodh auth_url explicitly
99f525d Reload haproxy after injecting certs w/o pcmk too
10c1359 Add redis constraint to aodh upgrade manifest
c081c0a Aodh upgrade heat template and manifests to replace ceilometer alarms
c1958cc Update .sh references from openstack-keystone to openstack-core
876a2a3 Enable bulk delete in swift for gnocchi
0b5e5fb Don't have separate protocols/ports for Keystone v3
6989179 Add coordination url to gnocchi
2973a4f Don't overwrite ceph osd_journal_size
28439f5 Fix ceph keyring setting for gnocchi
f125888 Update management_from_pool template version to 2015-10-15
a046b1b Tighten the access rules for galera
22429ba Fix Neutron enable_*_agent* Hiera parameters
0fc5a7a Updates ControlPlaneSubnetCidr to be a string
296782c Disable VIPs before stopping cluster during version upgrade
fda107a Fix distinguishing between stack-create and stack-update
14bdb8a Fix the Sahara public endpoint and make it point to the Public VIP
29cc933 Fix controller-no-external.yaml in bonded configs.
1a155ad Fix the ManagementNetValueSpecs param type
671f5c8 The Sahara SSL endpoint was announced on the wrong port
fae9b28 Make sure openstack services are dependent on openstack-core
b0d20a3 Keep setting backend_host to 'hostgroup' for rbd backends
2964a51 Add EndpointMap as output
6e1b536 Deploy Gnocchi as a Ceilometer metrics storage backend
fa007de Use a different ceph key for admin/client user
de8c5bb Add removal of the /etc/resolv.conf.save file for +bug/1567004
1731cfe Filter for local nodes in check_resource function
e46c53f Nova needs the proper volumes to use Cinder
2d14bf7 Centos gives /dev/pts/ptmx the wrong perms
996ad2e Restart haproxy after configuring SSL certs
c3e652d Enable galera replication for Mariadb 10.1
d96a72f Disable Nova v3 API
64df790 Remove hack the pulls latest docker
03f1ce7 compute: restart OVS agent on neutron.conf changes
9bec5eb change the default satellite tools rpm repo.
6053989 PLUMgrid Neutron integration
f3215d2 Don't restart Pacemaker-managed services from Puppet
3195660 Add quotes around the cinder_iscsi_ip_address value
867ff25 Remove password default for AodhPassword
dd8f78d Set the defaultbranch to stable/mitaka
545a2ff Set UpdateIdentifier for upgrade converge, to prevent services down

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.gitreview                                         |   1 +
environments/enable-tls.yaml                       |   8 +-
environments/major-upgrade-aodh.yaml               |  12 +
.../major-upgrade-keystone-liberty-mitaka.yaml     |  14 +
environments/major-upgrade-pacemaker-init.yaml     |   1 -
environments/major-upgrade-pacemaker.yaml          |   1 -
environments/network-environment.yaml              |   2 +-
environments/network-isolation.yaml                |  21 +-
environments/neutron-plumgrid.yaml                 |  29 ++
environments/puppet-ceph-devel.yaml                |   3 +-
environments/puppet-ceph-external.yaml             |   4 +-
environments/puppet-pacemaker.yaml                 |   3 +
environments/storage-environment.yaml              |   2 +
.../environment-rhel-registration.yaml             |   1 +
.../rhel-registration/rhel-registration.yaml       |   4 +
.../rhel-registration/scripts/rhel-registration    |   2 +-
.../tasks/liberty_to_mitaka_aodh_upgrade.yaml      |  69 +++++
.../tasks/liberty_to_mitaka_aodh_upgrade_1.pp      |  62 +++++
.../tasks/liberty_to_mitaka_aodh_upgrade_2.pp      | 162 +++++++++++
.../tasks/liberty_to_mitaka_keystone_upgrade.pp    |  92 +++++++
.../tasks/major_upgrade_controller_pacemaker_1.sh  | 168 +++++++++++-
.../tasks/major_upgrade_controller_pacemaker_2.sh  |  11 +-
.../major_upgrade_keystone_liberty_mitaka.yaml     |  73 +++++
extraconfig/tasks/major_upgrade_pacemaker.yaml     |  12 +
.../tasks/major_upgrade_pacemaker_init.yaml        |   3 +
.../tasks/major_upgrade_pacemaker_migrations.sh    | 211 +++++++++++++--
extraconfig/tasks/pacemaker_common_functions.sh    |   3 +-
extraconfig/tasks/pacemaker_maintenance_mode.sh    |  19 ++
extraconfig/tasks/pacemaker_resource_restart.sh    |  16 +-
extraconfig/tasks/pre_puppet_pacemaker.yaml        |   9 +-
extraconfig/tasks/yum_update.sh                    | 103 -------
.../bond-with-vlans/controller-no-external.yaml    |  31 +++
network/endpoints/endpoint_data.yaml               |  37 ++-
network/endpoints/endpoint_map.yaml                | 298 ++++++++++-----------
network/management.yaml                            |   2 +-
network/ports/management_from_pool.yaml            |   2 +-
overcloud.yaml                                     |  91 +++++--
puppet/all-nodes-config.yaml                       |  17 ++
puppet/ceph-cluster-config.yaml                    |  19 +-
puppet/cinder-storage.yaml                         |   6 +-
puppet/compute.yaml                                |  33 ++-
puppet/controller-post.yaml                        |   2 -
puppet/controller.yaml                             | 147 ++++++++--
puppet/extraconfig/ceph/ceph-external-config.yaml  |  16 +-
.../pre_deploy/controller/neutron-plumgrid.yaml    | 113 ++++++++
puppet/extraconfig/tls/tls-cert-inject.yaml        |   8 +
puppet/hieradata/ceph.yaml                         |   3 -
puppet/hieradata/common.yaml                       |   3 +
puppet/hieradata/controller.yaml                   |  34 ++-
puppet/hieradata/database.yaml                     |   8 +
puppet/manifests/overcloud_cephstorage.pp          |   2 +-
puppet/manifests/overcloud_compute.pp              |  24 ++
puppet/manifests/overcloud_controller.pp           |  65 ++++-
puppet/manifests/overcloud_controller_pacemaker.pp | 296 ++++++++++++++++----
puppet/vip-config.yaml                             |   1 +
57 files changed, 1920 insertions(+), 483 deletions(-)

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