[openstack-announce] [new][openstackansible] openstack-ansible 13.3.1 release

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Mon Aug 15 20:39:48 UTC 2016

We are content to announce the release of:

openstack-ansible 13.3.1: Ansible playbooks for deploying OpenStack

With source available at:


For more details, please see below.


New Features

* The "py_pkgs" lookup plugin now has strict ordering for
  requirement files discovered. These files are used to add additional
  requirements to the python packages discovered. The order is defined
  by the constant, "REQUIREMENTS_FILE_TYPES" which contains the
  following entries, 'test-requirements.txt', 'dev-requirements.txt',
  'requirements.txt', 'global-requirements.txt', 'global-requirement-
  pins.txt'. The items in this list are arranged from least to most

* The "os_horizon" role now supports configuration of custom themes.
  Deployers can use the new "horizon_custom_themes" and
  "horizon_default_theme" variables to configure the dashboard with
  custom themes and default to a specific theme respectively.

* The options of application logrotate configuration files are now
  configurable. "rsyslog_client_log_rotate_options" can be used to
  provide a list of directives, and
  "rsyslog_client_log_rotate_scripts" can be used to provide a list of
  postrotate, prerotate, firstaction, or lastaction scripts.

* The "os_swift" role has 3 new variables that will allow a deployer
  to change the hard, soft and fs.file-max limits. the hard and soft
  limits are being added to the limits.conf file for the swift system
  user. The fs.file-max settings are added to storage hosts via kernel
  tuning. The new options are "swift_hard_open_file_limits" with a
  default of 10240 "swift_soft_open_file_limits" with a default of
  4096 "swift_max_file_limits" with a default of 24 times the value of

* The "repo_build" role now provides the ability to override the
  upper-constraints applied which are sourced from OpenStack and from
  the global-requirements-pins.txt file. The variable
  "repo_build_upper_constraints_overrides" can be populated with a
  list of upper constraints. This list will take the highest
  precedence in the constraints process, with the exception of the
  pins set in the git source SHAs.

Known Issues

* For OpenStack-Ansible Mitaka releases earlier than 13.3.1 the
  default container apt source used was
  "http://mirror.rackspace.com/ubuntu". This mirror seems to sometimes
  have broken package indexes or missing packages. The default package
  source has therefore been changed to make use of
  "http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/" for packages and
  "http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu" for security packages.

Upgrade Notes

* The default container apt sources have been changed from using
  "http://mirror.rackspace.com/ubuntu" to
  "http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/" for packages and
  "http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu" for security packages. This is
  to resolve issues with unavailable packages during the install
  process due to incomplete mirror updates.

Critical Issues

* Horizon deployments were broken due to an incorrect hostname
  setting being placed in the apache ServerName configuration. This
  caused Horizon startup failure any time debug was disabled.

Changes in openstack-ansible 13.3.0..13.3.1

052be5f Fix cinder container playbook conditional
c6aa6d0 Fix keepalived sync groups var name
4273df8 Update role SHA's to pull in upper-constraints fix
992534c Docs: Enabling LBaaSv2 horizon panel
9a3b0fd Do not override Horizon ServerName in playbook
9c659fb Add SNI support via OS packages
9571ae2 Update all SHAs for 13.3.1

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

ansible-role-requirements.yml                      | 28 +++++++++----------
.../install-guide/configure-network-services.rst   | 15 ++++++++--
global-requirement-pins.txt                        |  2 +-
.../defaults/repo_packages/openstack_other.yml     |  4 +--
.../defaults/repo_packages/openstack_services.yml  | 32 +++++++++++-----------
playbooks/inventory/group_vars/all.yml             |  2 +-
playbooks/inventory/group_vars/hosts.yml           |  2 +-
playbooks/os-cinder-install.yml                    |  2 +-
playbooks/os-horizon-install.yml                   |  1 -
playbooks/vars/configs/keepalived_haproxy.yml      |  2 +-
...change-default-apt-mirror-dd2a22ec24b2a081.yaml | 15 ++++++++++
.../notes/force-dep-order-2c529683509e45da.yaml    |  9 ++++++
.../horizon-servername-fix-27f2f93ed858ba00.yaml   |  5 ++++
.../horizon_custom_themes-4ee1fd9444b8a5ae.yaml    |  6 ++++
...-client-logrotate-options-02dde942779493bb.yaml |  6 ++++
.../swift-fs-file-limits-a57ab8b4c3c944e4.yaml     | 11 ++++++++
...pper-constraints-override-6853ffec6c07d7f5.yaml |  9 ++++++
scripts/bootstrap-ansible.sh                       | 23 +++++++++++-----
scripts/scripts-library.sh                         | 11 +++++++-
scripts/sources-branch-updater.sh                  |  2 +-
20 files changed, 138 insertions(+), 49 deletions(-)

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