[openstack-announce] [new][telemetry] gnocchi 2.2.0 release

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Tue Aug 2 18:01:01 UTC 2016

We are enthusiastic to announce the release of:

gnocchi 2.2.0: Metric as a Service

For more details, please see below.

Changes in gnocchi 2.1.0..2.2.0

fb3e98e sqlalchemy: increase the number of max_retries
9170d7b test: fix race condition in update testing
5e71480 add support for coordination
fba36a1 tests: extend the test timeout to 120s for migration sync testing
4022bdb Add home-page in setup.cfg
defda73 carbonara: embed a benchmark tool
bfefeb2 carbonara: do not use oslo_log
b580c09 indexer: put extend_existing in __tables_args__
0ddbe2f improve task distribution
5baba42 sqlalchemy: simplify kwarg of retry
dbc3b97 Add iso8601 to requirements
4896b9c metricd: cleanup logging message for progress
95aae75 sqlalchemy: remove deprecated kwargs retry_on_request
5551a27 sqlalchemy: fix PostgreSQL transaction aborted in unmap_and_delete_tables
d272d07 Fix list resource race
d46fa37 rest: set useful default values for CORS middleware
db0eb3f rest: enable CORS middleware without Paste
880b3b8 truncate AggregatedTimeSerie on init
e57eed5 return explicitly InvalidPagination sort key
a2a7fe5 fix object_exists reference
c36efb1 Indicate we added a bunch of new features
ac86707 doc: Update grafana plugin documentation
a65f0d9 metricd: use Cotyledon lib
db1aeab devstack: Move to grafana 3.x
95e47fc add missing key param to method definition
e7a9a57 rest: allow to use X-Domain-Id in policy rules
b2742c0 Add support for Python 3.5
b9a0707 Fix CORS middleware setup
e39b265 fix tooz requirement
62913af ceph: uses only one ioctx
fe711a1 simplify model loading
d2044e3 Revert "carbonara: compress all TimeSerie classes using LZ4"
932741b devstack: Fix requirement typo
78a37f0 Use pbr WSGI script to build gnocchi-api
c2ef2b0 ceph: change make method names for new measures
439d5a3 Expose resource type state to the API
778affc track resource_type creation/deletion state
a771322 carbonara: compress all TimeSerie classes using LZ4
24d2854 separate cleanup into own worker
f52e62a Tuneup gabbi metric.yaml file to modern standards
da74bc2 Tuneup gabbi resource_type.yaml file to modern standards
4576f1b Tuneup gabbi search_metric.yaml file to modern standards
9ac00bd Tuneup gabbi resource_aggregation.yaml file to modern standards
ebb1e33 Tuneup gabbi resource.yaml file to modern standards
f6a7f4e sqlalchemy: fix MySQL error handling in list_resources
c64132a _carbonara: use tooz heartbeat management
3156b9d _carbonara: set default aggregation_workers_number to 1
e275feb Enable CORS by default
6980d7a Rename gabbits with _ to have - instead
2d7151e Correct concurrency of gabbi tests for gabbi 1.22.0
1da7668 tests: fix Gabbi live test to not rely on legacy resource types
0bbf079 swift: force retry to 1
3af0fcb swift: raise an explicit error if bulk-delete is unavailable
4f2102d Added endpoint type on swift configuration.
8a4ddb3 use async delete when remove measures
93d83cd Fix tempest tests that use SSL
18a260f _carbonara: fix race condition in heartbeat stop condition
37e17ce enable pagination when querying metrics
dbfe050 doc: include an example with the `like' operator
8932aad metricd: only retry on attended errors and print error when coordinator fails
8da588d metricd: no max wait, fix comment
10975c5 test: move root tests to their own class
227d5c6 rest: report dynamic aggregation methods in capabilities in a different field
4934c2b _carbonara: stop heartbeat thread on stop()
f181d4b tests: create common resources at class init time
ee2eb67 tests: remove skip_archive_policies_creation
955591a tests: do not create legacy resources
09377bf sqlalchemy: add missing constraint delete_resource_type()
3467486 sqlalchemy: no fail if resources and type are deleted under our feet
7ce5051 sqlalchemy: retry on PostgreSQL catalog errors too
b1788f2 sqlalchemy: retry on deadlock in delete_resource_type()
aceb647 Enable releasenotes documentation
72c8b5f Tuneup gabbi transformedids.yaml file to modern standards
cc06c73 Tuneup gabbi search.yaml file to modern standards
5a35b71 Tuneup gabbi pagination.yaml file to modern standards
6dea9de Tuneup gabbi metric_granularity.yaml file to modern standards
6aae457 raise NoSuchMetric when deleting metric already marked deleted
24073a3 Tuneup gabbi history.yaml file to modern standards
fc7877c Tuneup gabbi batch_measures.yaml file to modern standards
d1cecc5 Tuneup gabbi base.yaml file to modern standards
7224d9e Tuneup gabbi async.yaml file to modern standards
18b8baa Tuneup gabbi archive.yaml file to modern standards
505a6a2 Tuneup gabbi archive_rule.yaml file to modern standards
e91d7e6 Tuneup gabbi aggregation.yaml file to modern standards
10ce637 fix some typos in doc, comment & code
d74ea92 add unit column for metric
3cfcd07 devstack: ensure grafana plugin for 2.6 is installed
1b7f01d Revert "tests: protect database upgrade for gabbi tests"
831ed2f Make tempest tests compatible with keystone v3
fb972ac sqlalchemy: retry on deadlock for create_resource_type()
6ba5511 sqlalchemy: retry on deadlocks in get_resource()
3df9cf7 sqlalchemy: avoid deadlock on list_metrics()
d80d93c sqlalchemy: retry on deadlock for create_metric()
78503d9 sqlalchemy: retry on deadlock for create_resource()
2e1d8f6 sqlalchemy: add retry on deadlock for delete_resource()
1e1ee3c sqlalchemy: set max_retries & all when retrying
e8965b1 tests: move custom agg setup code in the tests using it
7dd8046 tests: protect database upgrade for gabbi tests
1baa714 fix details filter for measures report
2a4b0b5 gate: remove old job conf
b502fa1 devstack: remove support for old devstack ceph plugin
6319a12 Backlog status not accurate when batching
99d91a0 sql: default to pymysql
1d3c675 support shrinking/extending policy timespan
702672c doc: add a glossary
95e702d rest: catch InvalidResourceAttributeName when creating resource type
19e9c59 doc: fix the number of points for 30 days
20c55fe rest: return a better error message when history is not found
a725a3f Fixed typo in documentation
32ddf6d remove verbose option in devstack plugin
a1d02ee Update hacking to 0.11
2343d10 doc: fix the number of storage drivers
c2d722b gate: work with old and new devstack ceph plugin
a0d1e9a [alembic] delete a blank line from script.py.mako
791ca77 Fix uuidgen not installed in some ubuntu installs
39b2bf7 Remove annoying debug log
28650af Replace logging with oslo_log
8da63a2 use thread safe fnmatch
24ca86b fix resource_type tablename for instance_net_int
441d68f tests: Add more integration tests coverage
2478606 Drop useless enum
c23835f Don't delete archive policy used by ap rule
3f71414 Reduce length of some foreign keys
e7340f9 Fix foreignkey names of host/host_history table
fe3c93f doc: add resource history in features
7adc938 doc: remove legacy resource types listing
6a5c271 Fix broken ceilometer resources migration script
c4d7924 tests: fix a fuzzy test for archive policy rules
56d3e67 doc: rely on oslo-config-generator to generate the config file
69f7819 Don't encode exception message in ascii
d784fa3 Remove unused requirement PrettyTable

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.gitignore                                         |   1 +
.testr.conf                                        |   2 +-
devstack/gate/gate_hook.sh                         |   1 -
devstack/plugin.sh                                 |  58 +-
devstack/settings                                  |  10 +-
etc/gnocchi/api-paste.ini                          |   9 +-
etc/gnocchi/gnocchi-config-generator.conf          |   9 +
etc/gnocchi/policy.json                            |   1 +
gnocchi-config-generator.conf                      |   9 -
gnocchi/aggregates/__init__.py                     |   2 -
gnocchi/carbonara.py                               |  63 +-
gnocchi/cli.py                                     | 312 +++++++---
gnocchi/exceptions.py                              |   2 -
gnocchi/genconfig.py                               |   2 +-
gnocchi/gendoc.py                                  |   2 +-
gnocchi/indexer/__init__.py                        |  45 +-
gnocchi/indexer/alembic/script.py.mako             |   1 -
.../versions/2e0b912062d1_drop_useless_enum.py     |  39 ++
.../versions/34c517bcc2dd_shorter_foreign_key.py   |  91 +++
.../7e6f9d542f8b_resource_type_state_column.py     |  43 ++
.../c62df18bf4ee_add_unit_column_for_metric.py     |  38 ++
.../versions/ed9c6ddc5c35_fix_host_foreign_key.py  |  53 ++
...ffc7bbeec0b0_migrate_legacy_resources_to_db2.py |  65 +++
gnocchi/indexer/null.py                            |   2 -
gnocchi/indexer/sqlalchemy.py                      | 479 +++++++++++----
gnocchi/indexer/sqlalchemy_base.py                 |  33 +-
gnocchi/opts.py                                    |  21 +-
gnocchi/resource_type.py                           |  10 +-
gnocchi/rest/__init__.py                           |  65 ++-
gnocchi/rest/app.py                                |  41 +-
gnocchi/rest/app.wsgi                              |   9 +-
gnocchi/service.py                                 |   7 +-
gnocchi/storage/__init__.py                        |  39 +-
gnocchi/storage/_carbonara.py                      |  60 +-
gnocchi/storage/ceph.py                            | 251 ++++----
gnocchi/storage/file.py                            |   7 +-
gnocchi/storage/null.py                            |   2 -
gnocchi/storage/swift.py                           |  25 +-
gnocchi/tempest/scenario/__init__.py               |  30 +-
gnocchi/utils.py                                   |   8 -
releasenotes/notes/.placeholder                    |   0
releasenotes/source/2.1.rst                        |   6 +
releasenotes/source/_static/.placeholder           |   0
releasenotes/source/_templates/.placeholder        |   0
releasenotes/source/conf.py                        | 274 +++++++++
releasenotes/source/index.rst                      |  18 +
releasenotes/source/unreleased.rst                 |   5 +
requirements.txt                                   |   7 +-
setup-test-env.sh                                  |  13 -
setup.cfg                                          |  26 +-
tox.ini                                            |  36 +-
93 files changed, 4622 insertions(+), 2825 deletions(-)

Requirements updates

diff --git a/requirements.txt b/requirements.txt
index 306fd64..88ef618 100644
--- a/requirements.txt
+++ b/requirements.txt
@@ -2,0 +3 @@ numpy
@@ -7,2 +8,2 @@ oslo.serialization>=1.4.0
@@ -12,0 +14 @@ futures
@@ -23 +24,0 @@ PasteDeploy

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