[openstack-announce] [Swift] python-swiftclient 2.5.0 released

John Dickinson me at not.mn
Thu Jul 16 20:10:03 UTC 2015

I'm pleased to announce the release of python-swiftclient 2.5.0.

It is available on PyPI (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/python-swiftclient) , and I recommend that you upgrade.

This release features many important improvements, both of existing issues and for new functionality. I've highlighted a few of them below.

* The CLI learned an "auth" subcommand which returns bash environment snippets for auth credentials.

* Added the ability to download objects to a particular folder.

* Fixes uploading an object with a relative path.

* Now correctly removes all old segments of an object when replacing a Dynamic Large Object (DLO).

* The client.get_object() response learned a .read([length]) method.

* The --skip-identical option now works properly when downloading large objects.

* Fixed an issue where an intermediate caching/proxy service could cause object content to be improperly decoded.

* The CLI --version option is now more explicit by calling itself "python-swiftclient" rather than the name of the binary.

* Removed a dependency on simplejson.

* Added a timeout parameter to HTTPConnection objects for socket-level read timeouts.

* Now validates the checksum of each chunk of a large object as it is uploaded.

Thank you to all of the contributors who participated in this release. Specifically, I'd like to thank Tim Burke (SwiftStack) and Alistair Coles (HP) who together had more than half of all commits in this release.

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