[openstack-announce] [release][swift] python-swiftclient release 2.5.0 (liberty)

doug at doughellmann.com doug at doughellmann.com
Thu Jul 16 19:12:35 UTC 2015

We are stoked to announce the release of:

python-swiftclient 2.5.0: OpenStack Object Storage API Client Library

This release is part of the liberty release series.

With package available at:


For more details, please see the git log history below.

Changes in python-swiftclient 2.4.0..2.5.0

ca70dd9 add tempurl command to swift.1 man page
87c0a83 Update mock requirements
d5d3127 Add ability to download objects to particular folder.
bb25213 Always decode command-line arguments as UTF-8
cf0b6c0 Properly test raw writes in Python 3
70afe20 Bump hacking in test-requirements
91855bd Correct the help message of swift tempurl
e596489 Added check for negative segment-size
7c71699 Fix docstring typo for SwiftService.upload
794b125 SwiftClient object upload beginning with / or "./"
17feec7 Add some bash helpers for auth stuff
e48f487 Fix inconsistent usage of "Positional argument"
7f2ee73 Add connection release test
f0aad4c Run functional tests using keystone auth options
259b434 Add passenv to tox.ini to make functests run with tempauth
f0cc3be Make default get_auth timeout be None
71a1835 Document missing functional test config option
ff0b3b0 Compare each chunk of large objects when downloading
7d5c85a Stop decoding object content
317df7e Remove simplejson dependency
888bf6f be more explicit in the --version CLI option
a39e18f Add test for timeout being passed to keystone client
e2f41a6 Use a socket timeout in get_auth
f5a473e Add socket-level read timeout parameter
b6457e0 Allow reading from object body on download
a4fb70e Compare each chunk of large objects when uploading
d931ec1 Remove all DLO segments on upload of replacement
dcf2124 Add tests for uploads deleting DLO segments
47f089f Include unsupported url scheme with ClientException

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

requirements.txt                     |   1 -
swiftclient/client.py                |  89 +++--
swiftclient/multithreading.py        |   7 +-
swiftclient/service.py               | 226 ++++++++----
swiftclient/shell.py                 | 110 +++++-
swiftclient/utils.py                 |  13 +-
test-requirements.txt                |   5 +-
tox.ini                              |   1 +
16 files changed, 1685 insertions(+), 300 deletions(-)

Requirements updates

diff --git a/requirements.txt b/requirements.txt
index e7c0d41..88b3df2 100644
--- a/requirements.txt
+++ b/requirements.txt
@@ -3 +2,0 @@ requests>=1.1
diff --git a/test-requirements.txt b/test-requirements.txt
index 5427920..909cb04 100644
--- a/test-requirements.txt
+++ b/test-requirements.txt
@@ -1 +1 @@
@@ -5 +5,2 @@ discover

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