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OpenStack DefCore Accelerates & Simplifies with Clear and Timely
Guidelines [Feedback?]

Last week, the OpenStack DefCore committee rolled up our collective
sleeves and got to work in a serious way. We had a in-person meeting
with great turn out with 5 board members, Foundation executives/staff
and good community engagement. TL;DR > We think DefCore deliverables
should be dated milestone guidelines instead tightly coupled to release
events (see graphic on Rob Hirschfeld's blog).

Scaling OpenStack Neutron Development

During Kilo cycle, Neutron's team has made an effort to expand and scale
the Neutron development community. Plugin Decomposition and Advanced
Services Split were designed to enable a more scalable development
environment which will allow for fast code iteration in all the areas
affected. How have we done with these?

OpenStack + Kubernetes = More choice and flexibility for developers

Sometimes a demo can go almost too well. By the time Craig Peters and
Georgy Okrokvertskhov took the mic to show how OpenStack support for
Kubernetes makes managing Docker containers pretty much a
point-and-click operation, the crowd at the Kubernetes San Francisco
meetup was almost hoping for a glitch. Instead, in just under 10
minutes, the pair did a seamless walk-through of how to set up a
Kubernetes cluster using OpenStack in the final demo of the night.

The Road to Vancouver

      * Sign up for OpenStack Upstream Training in Vancouver
      * Superuser Awards Nominations Now Open
      * Vancouver Summit Sponsorships Now Available
      * Canada Visa Information
      * Official Hotel Room Blocks
      * Next batch of invites to Kilo contributors will be sent after a
        new milestone is released

Relevant Conversations

      * creating a unified developer reference manual 
      * Re-evaluating the suitability of the 6 month release cycle 
      * DefCore isn't a punk band, but if you use OpenStack, listen up
      * GSoC2015: Its time for potential mentors and participants! And
        Call for mentors - Upstream Training, Google Summer of Code,
        Outreachy (AKA OPW) 
      * proposal for a "OpenStack Application Tutorial" application
      * OpenStack Technical Committee Update: Project Reform Progress
      * Infra cloud: infra running a cloud for nodepool

Deadlines and Development Priorities

      * [cinder] Kilo Deadlines need to have a CI by end of K-3, March
        19th 2015
      * [nova] List of all Feature Freeze Exception requests 
      * [cinder] Proposals for Liberty Summit 
      * Outcome of the nova FFE meeting for Kilo 

Reports From Previous Events

      * Welcome to the wild west of networking and cloud infrastructure
      * CloudCamp Bangladesh sparks conversation on the future of cloud
      * Slides and Recording of Webinar: An Introduction to Database as
        a Service on OpenStack using Trove

Security Advisories and Notices

      * Glance import task leaks image in backend (CVE-2014-9684,

Tips ‘n Tricks

      * By Sébastien Han: Analyse OpenStack guest writes and reads
        running on Ceph
      * By Adam Young: Three Types of Tokens
      * By Brad Topol: Building a Cloud Storage Application
      * By Rich Bowen: How to build RedHat 100 node Openstack lab on AWS
      * By Ben Nemec: Quick and Dirty Snapshots of Instances Booted from
      * By Nick Chase: Integrating OpenStack and Kubernetes with Murano
      * By Sébastien Han: Quick and efficient Ceph DevStacking
      * By Jamie Lennox: V3 Authentication With Auth_token Middleware
      * By Joe Gordon: How to turn tempest CLI tests into python-*client
        in-tree functional tests 

Upcoming Events

The 2015 events plan is now available on the Global Events Calendar

      * Mar 04, 2015 OpenStack Finland meetup Helsinki, Uusimaa, FI
      * Mar 04, 2015 #CloudBeerGothenburg Gothenburg, SE
      * Mar 04, 2015 Dallas OpenStack Meetup Plano, Texas, US
      * Mar 05, 2015 9thOpenStackUGMeetup Zurich, Zurich, CH
      * Mar 11 - 12, 2015 Cloud Expo Europe London, GB
      * Mar 11, 2015 Philadelphia OpenStack Meetup Philadelphia, PA, US
      * Mar 12, 2015 OpenStack NYC Meetup New York, NY, US
      * Mar 12, 2015 Ceph Day San Francisco San Francisco, California,
      * Mar 17, 2015 OpenStack Munich Meetup Munich, Bavaria, DE
      * Mar 26, 2015 PDX OpenStack Hackathon Portland, OR, US
      * Mar 26, 2015 #CloudBeerStockholm Stockholm, SE
      * Mar 31, 2015 Ceph Day Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands, NL
      * Apr 01, 2015 OpenStack Meetup DFW Frisco, Texas, US
      * Apr 08 - 16, 2015 PyCon 2015 Montreal, Quebec, CA
      * Apr 13 - 14, 2015 OpenStack Live Santa Clara, CA, US
      * Apr 15, 2015 iX OpenStack Tag Köln, NRW, DE
      * Apr 21 - 22, 2015 CONNECT 2015 Melbourne, Victoria, AU
      * Apr 22 - 23, 2015 China SDNNFV Conference Beijing, CN
      * Apr 22, 2015 OpenStack NYC Meetup New York, NY, US
      * Apr 23, 2015 OpenStack Philadelphia Meetup Philadelphia, PA, US
      * May 05 - 07, 2015 CeBIT AU 2015 Sydney, NSW, AU
      * May 18 - 22, 2015 OpenStack Summit May 2015 Vancouver, BC
      * Jun 11, 2015 OpenStack DACH Day 2015 Berlin, DE
      * Jul 20 - 24, 2015 OSCON 2015 Portland, OR, US
      * Aug 10 - 13, 2015 Gartner Catalyst Conference San Diego, CA, US
      * Sep 17, 2015 OpenStack Benelux Conference 2015 Bussum, NL
      * Oct 04 - 08, 2015 Gartner SymposiumITxpo Orlando, FL, US
      * Nov 15 - 20, 2015 Supercomputing 15 Austin, TX, US

Other News

      * Romancing the devs: another reason Walmart Labs went open source
      * Integrating OpenStack and Kubernetes with Murano
      * Release of python-keystoneclient 1.2.0
      * What's Up Doc? Feb 26 2015
      * Group Based Policy - Kilo-1 development milestone 
      * [nova] Hypervisor support matrix now in GIT 

Got Answers?

Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for OpenStack users. Interesting
questions waiting for answers:

      * Windows 7 Console Unicode errors
      * how to know when a router has been deleted?
      * Low-Budget Cluster with OpenStack?
      * Query regarding SAML with keystone
      * How to run a service on vm when its bootstapped from cloud init
      * How to interpret timestamp in ceilometer
      * Adding a new datacentre (swift object store)
      * Calling batch script from cloudbase-init?

The weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the
various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add
content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please
leave a comment.

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