[legal-discuss] Third party file inclusion in Openstack sushy project

Allison Randal allison at lohutok.net
Wed Jul 18 18:46:27 UTC 2018

Hi Aija,

They don't list an open source license anywhere in those files or on
their website, so by default you have to assume it's proprietary, and
that means NO on your questions (1), (2), and (3).

On your question (4), DMTF seems to be quite proud of the fact that open
source projects use their technology [1], and even specifically call out
Sushy on that list. So, I imagine they'd be responsive if you contact
them and ask what license they meant to release those files under. If
they release the files under the Apache 2.0 license, then the answer to
(1) changes to YES. If it's some other license, then come back and check
on this list to make sure the open source license DMTF is using is
compatible with Apache 2.0.

Just FYI, if (1) is a NO, then (2) and (3) wouldn't help, because the
license of the original files would still apply to any code you derive
from them, whether you do it with a script or manually.


[1] https://www.dmtf.org/standards/opensource

On 07/18/2018 02:15 PM, mail at clusums.eu wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working on sushy project[1] and I want to know if I can include some
> third-party files in the project and distribute the project together
> with these files.
> The files in question are JSON files here [2], for example, [3]. They do
> not have any license specified, but they have "Copyright 2014-2015, 2017
> Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF). All rights reserved.".
> This corresponds to full copyright notice at [4].
> The questions:
> 1) Can I include these files in sushy project as they are?
> 2) If not, can I process these files automatically using a script and
> derive some code from these files and include the derived code in sushy
> project?
> 3) If not, can I process these files manually and type some code and
> include the derived code?
> 4) Is there something else?
> Regards,
> Aija
> [1] https://docs.openstack.org/sushy/latest/
> [2] http://redfish.dmtf.org/schemas/registries/
> [3] http://redfish.dmtf.org/schemas/registries/Base.1.2.0.json
> [4] https://www.dmtf.org/about/policies/copyright
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