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Hey there,

On 04/08/2021 19:37, Sean Mooney wrote:
I had something unusual happen this morning; one of my VMs was showing "Suspended" under the Power State in the Horizon dashboard.

I've never seen that.  What does it mean?

Any search that I do points me to a bunch of resources for Status Suspended.
suspened is like hibernate in windows. in the libvirt driver we call libvirt managed_save api
this pauses the guests,  snapshots the guest ram and saves it to disk then stops the instance.
so this frees the guest ram on the host and save it to a file so that we can recreate the vm and resume it
as if nothing happened.

Sorry to hijack such an old thread. Looking into these features, I was just wondering if it was possible to:

  1) Disable the support for pause / suspend altogether and not allow anyone to place instances in such states?

you can use policy to disable suspending vms via the api

  2) Change the storage location of the saved guest RAM to a shared storage to allow the instance to be migrated while being suspended/paused. As far as I can see currently this data is saved on the host disk.

you can mount the path where things get saved at where ever you want (I think it’s somewhere inside /var/lib/nova/instances)



Mohammed Naser