thanks for sharing this tool.

On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 3:48 PM Arnaud Morin <> wrote:
Hello large-scalers!

TLDR: we opensource a tool to help reducing size of databases.

Few months ago, we released a tool, name osarchiver, which we are using
on our production environment (at OVH) to help reduce the size of our
tables in mariadb (or mysql)

In fact, some tables are well know to grow very quickly.

We use it, for example, to clean the OpenStack mistral database from old
tasks, actions and executions which are older than a year.

Another use case could be to archive some data in another table (e.g. with
_archived as suffix) if they are 6 months old, and delete this data after
1 year.

The source code of this tool is available here:

We were wondering if some other users would be interested in using the
tool, and maybe move it under the opendev governance?

Feel free to contact us and/or answer this thread.


Arnaud, Pierre-Samuel and OVH team