Yes, that's the idea.

We can keep the old interface for a few cycles, with warning deprecation message advertising to use the new one, and then remove in the future.

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On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 6:15 PM Luigi Toscano <> wrote:
On Thursday, 9 July 2020 17:57:14 CEST Ghanshyam Mann wrote:
>  ---- On Thu, 09 Jul 2020 10:14:58 -0500 Arx Cruz <> wrote
> ----
>  > Hello,
>  > I would like to start a discussion regarding the topic.
>  > At this moment in time we have an opportunity to be a more open and
>  > inclusive project by eliminating outdated naming conventions from
>  > tempest codebase, such as blacklist, whitelist.We should take the
>  > opportunity and do our best to replace outdated terms with their more
>  > inclusive alternatives.As you can see in [1] the TripleO project is
>  > already working on this initiative, and I would like to work on this as
>  > well on the tempest side.
> Thanks Arx for raising it.
> I always have hard time to understand the definition of 'outdated naming
> conventions ' are they outdated from coding language perspective or
> outdated as English language perspective? I do not see naming used in
> coding language should be matched with English as grammar/outdated/new
> style language. As long as they are not so bad (hurt anyone culture,
> abusing word etc) it is fine to keep them as it is and start adopting new
> names for new things we code.
> For me, naming convention are the things which always can be improved over
> time, none of the name is best suited for everyone in open source. But we
> need to understand whether it is worth to do in term of 1. effort of
> changing those 2. un- comfortness of adopting new names 3. again changing
> in future.
> At least from Tempest perspective, blacklist is very known common word used
> for lot of interfaces and dependent testing tool. I cannot debate on how
> good it is or bad but i can debate on not-worth to change now. For new
> interface, we can always use best-suggested name as per that
> time/culture/maintainers. We have tried few of such improvement in past but
> end up not-successful. Example: -
> 7f493b6086cab9/tempest/

That's not the only used terminology for list of things, though. We could
always add new interfaces and keep the old ones are deprecated (but not
advertised) for the foreseable future. The old code won't be broken and the
new one would use the new terminology, I'd say it's a good solution.



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