Hello Folks, 

As you hopefully know, the OpenInfra Foundation has a history of helping to define patterns and new usage patterns in our ecosystem through its collaboration on whitepapers. With the user survey, we have seen a distinct pattern of users leveraging an entirely open source stack to meet their needs - Kubernetes, OpenStack and Linux together. So, we are planning the compilation of a whitepaper further explaining this integration, planning to publish in September of this year. 

Continuing on the theme of collaboration, I would love help with both the writing and the reviewing of two sections in particular - the introduction and integration sections of the whitepaper. Other sections that will be included are model architectures and user case studies from OpenInfra member companies making use of this infrastructure pattern. 

If you are interested in collaborating on this whitepaper, please contact me directly and I will get you in the loop! Drop me an email to knelson@openinfra.dev