Hi everyone,

here is a summary of the discussions. The full agenda can be found here [1].

== Caracal Retrospective ==
We still manage making releases, doing code reviews and bug triaging even with only a few active contributors. Kudos to them.

== Simplify grenade skip level jobs ==
It was agreed that we want to run grenade-skip-level job always as voting by default in template and project can opt-out for non-SLURP release.

== Replace paramiko with libssh2 ==
It was agreed that the priority of getting rid of paramiko should take place at services' side first. After all services are done with this change, then we can proceed with this on tempest's side.
In the meantime, we at least know that tempest works with the FIPS environment [2].

== Triage previous and write new priority items ==
The list of the priority items planned for this cycle as well as the ones which were carried over from the previous cycles, can be found here [3].

[1] https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/apr2024-ptg-qa
[2] https://zuul.openstack.org/builds?job_name=tempest-centos9-stream-fips&skip=0
[3] https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/qa-caracal-priority

Thank you all for attending the PTG and contributing to the discussion,
Martin Kopec
Principal Software Quality Engineer
Red Hat EMEA
IM: kopecmartin