Thanks for the update. Look like lots of new stuff coming. 

On Wed, Apr 24, 2024 at 5:04 AM Dmitriy Rabotyagov <> wrote:
Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late PTG report. But better late than never I guess :)

This time we did not have a lot of discussion points, and mainly
re-scoped not delivered topics from previous PTG, including:
 * Improvements to PKI role for integration with Hashi Vault and
ability to handle encrypted keys with ansible-vault
 * ProxySQL implementation - it's long overdue, actually, but still
seems beneficial
 * Incus support
 * Usage of deb822_repository module instead of apt_repository. This
is going to be breaking change as does not assume backwards
compatibility in a way of defining repositories when they're
overridden (especially for deployments with limited connectivity)
 * Improving our documentation state. We are still lagging behind
adopting all our docs to OVN driver being a default. We also need to
document a way of defining pretty endpoint names (serving all
endpoints from port 80/443 rather then unique ports per service).

With that being said, we also reviewed what is feasible to finish for
Caracal release. We still need to get some progress on following
topics in upcoming weeks:
  * ovn-bgp-agent support:
    ** We have acquired the FRRouting role from Vexxhost (thanks for
that!), but some changes to it are needed, ie EL9 support:
  * OVN driver support for Octavia:
    ** I need to look at testing of that driver and add corresponsive
job to the role
  * Dealing with inactive projects and prevent new deployments during
Caracal release: sahara, murano, senlin
  * Finalize Skyline support:
  * Enable Quorum Queues by default along with other oslo.messaging

So thanks everyone for participation and let's keep the ball rolling!