IMO deprecating this feature make sense.

Le dim. 31 mars 2024 à 07:22, Takashi Kajinami <> a écrit :

# This is mainly a oslo topic but I'm adding release team and requirements
# team because we likely need new stable/2024.1 release of oslo.log.

I looked into an old oslo.log bug[1] during the weekend and noticed that
the watch_log_file option in oslo.log has been broken for some time.

Looking into the problem further, I leaned that pyinotify[1] library, which
is used in this feature, hasn't been updated for 9 years (!!). What is worse,
pyinotify dependes on asynccore which has been removed from Python 3.12 and
I'm skeptical that we can fix pyinotify to make it work with Python 3.12.

There was an old discussion to replace pyinotify by inorify[3] but itnofiy
hasn't been updated for 4 years and looks also unmaintained.

I think the only option we have here is deprecating the functionality in
2024.1 so that we can remove it in early phase of 2024.2.

Because we are quite close to 2024.1 GA, we have to make the decision early.
I've already proposed the change for deprecation[4]. If you have any concerns
then please reply to this email or leave your comments in the review.

Thank you,


Takashi Kajinami
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Hervé Beraud
Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat
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