Hello, I took a look at our core team, "tripleo-core" in gerrit. We have a few individuals who I feel have moved on from TripleO in their focus. I looked at the reviews from stackalytics.io for the last 180 days[1].

These individuals have less than 6 reviews, which is about 1 review a month:
Bob Fournier
Dan Sneddon
Dmitry Tantsur
Jiří Stránský
Juan Antonio Osorio Robles
Marius Cornea

These individuals have publicly expressed that they are moving on from TripleO:
Michele Baldessari
wes hayutin

I'd like to propose we remove these folks from our core team, while thanking them for their contributions. I'll also note that I'd still value +1/-1 from these folks with a lot of significance, and encourage them to review their areas of expertise!

If anyone on the list plans to start reviewing in TripleO again, then I also think we can postpone the removal for the time being and re-evaluate later. Please let me know if that's the case.

Please reply and let me know any agreements or concerns with this change.

Thank you!

[1] https://www.stackalytics.io/report/contribution?module=tripleo-group&project_type=openstack&days=180

-- James Slagle