Hi Christian,
Thanks for highlighting your issue with Linuxbridge driver and VPNaaS.
I would like to ask you to consider the following, which will not give you an answer or solution to your problem but perhaps helps to understand and accept if any specific issue has not received the needed attention from the community.
Basically it is the core team (and some enthusiasts around it) who do bug triaging in Neutron, they are experienced and willing to provide answers, solutions.
The possible combinations of drivers, extensions, backends, deployment tools is huge, and there are combinations which are not well covered in the current community, like linuxbridge is not that used (OVS and perhaps OVN are the top tested and deployed, at least from latest user surveys). So it can happen that in the current core team nobody has the special knowledge and tools (test environment, hardware...) to debug a specific issue.

Neutron maintains a list of "lieutenants", to make easier to contact the right person:
For VPNaaS the people are not active anymore in the community.

In such difficult to debug situation it is really helpful for the community if you can test the issue on current master code (it is possible that the issue happens only on older branches) and with tools that are available for most of us, like simple devstack.

Lajos Katona (lajoskatona)

Christian Rohmann <christian.rohmann@inovex.de> ezt írta (időpont: 2022. jan. 12., Sze, 16:10):
Hello Lucas,

I hope you don't mind my rather blunt question, but how do tickets end
up on this list?
I read
but am just wondering if there is anything else I should have done when
reporting the issue?

I don't just want to shout louder and certainly everybody wants their
issue to be looked at and fixed first.
But I just noticed that my bug report received no reply or confirmation
in the last three months (apart from the tag "vpnaas" being added),
while other issues were triaged quickly and were consequently added to
this deputy report ...

On 10/01/2022 22:17, Lucas Alvares Gomes wrote:
> [...]
> * https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1956846  - "ha router
> duplicated routes"
>    - Unassigned
> [...]

Similar to those duplicate routes, I reported an issue about duplicated
IPtables causing VPNaaS not not work in

With kind regards,