[User-committee] [scientific] OpenStack research papers

Stig Telfer stig.openstack at telfer.org
Fri May 19 07:08:06 UTC 2017

Hi Tim - 

That sounds like a good idea and seems like a worthwhile activity for the Scientific Working Group.  Most of the papers I’ve gathered over time are more about technologies (OVS, KVM, etc) than about OpenStack use cases.  I don’t have much of a collection of “user story” papers - but I know some people to ask... 

I wonder how we could gather contributions, where this archive might be stored, how it could be publicised and how to achieve all this with minimal toil for WG members.  At the high end I wonder if openstack.org could provide some form of dynamic content management system, in the same manner as the way user stories are handled.  I think there’s potential here to do something useful.

I’ve added an item for discussion at the next SWG meeting (next Wednesday).

Best wishes,

> On 19 May 2017, at 07:28, Tim Bell <Tim.Bell at cern.ch> wrote:
> Doug Hellmann and I had a quick chat during the summit on how we could highlight research work going on in OpenStack. We have various repositories of academic papers but I’m not aware of a specific OpenStack collection.
> Does anyone have thoughts on how we can collect this together?
> A typical example of a paper would be https://pos.sissa.it/archive/conferences/270/022/ISGC%202016_022.pdf
> Tim

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