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-1 There is a significant amount of misaligment on the goals for the two efforts

Application Developer Recruitment Survey:  The intent of this survey is to create a panel of users that are willing to participate in user research on behalf of the community.  In this case, the survey questions are specifically intended to enable the different working groups/projects recruit folks for their studies.

Application Developer Study:  The goal of the study is to generate deeper understanding of app developers for the community.  I may have caused some concussion by referring to this as a “survey” rather than indicating that the team haven’t landed on a specific methodology.  It may turn out that the team really needs a series of interviews to generate more qualitative data…we don’t really know at this point.

The feedback that I’ve received is that the semiannual user survey doesn’t provide enough information about app developers which kind of drove the need for additional research.  We could consider rolling additional questions into the semiannual survey, but the impression I get from Heidi is that it’s already too long and the likelihood of adding significantly more questions is unlikely.


From: David F Flanders <flanders at openstack.org<mailto:flanders at openstack.org>>
Date: Friday, May 27, 2016 at 1:17 PM
To: Anne Gentle <annegentle at justwriteclick.com<mailto:annegentle at justwriteclick.com>>
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Subject: Re: [User-committee] Application Developer recruitment survey

+1 thank you Anne for translating.  Main User survey is what this effort should build to long term imho.

On 27 May 2016 11:57 AM, "Anne Gentle" <annegentle at justwriteclick.com<mailto:annegentle at justwriteclick.com>> wrote:
I think what Flanders is saying is that there should not be a second "user survey" and there should remain questions for app devs incorporated into the main user survey.

There could definitely be a set of interviews as part of this recruiting effort. Recorded interviews would be helpful in figuring out which communities appdevs/devops are already participating in, so that we know where to listen and participate.

I'm currently thinking you can leave the TC name out of the call-to-participate, as we're merely supporters not do-ers in this effort.


On Thu, May 26, 2016 at 8:15 PM, Kruithof Jr, Pieter <pieter.kruithof.jr at intel.com<mailto:pieter.kruithof.jr at intel.com>> wrote:
Moving from TC to UC

Hi Flanders,

You lost me a bit, but this is what it feels like you’re saying:

  1.  Recruit app developers to create a pool of folks that are interested in participating in user research on behalf of the community.
  2.  Conduct a series of interviews (n=~8) to help us understand what kinds of questions we should include as part of the app developer survey
  3.  Based the interviews, design and distribute a survey to app developers.

One quick point. Part of me is wondering whether we should do a series of ~16 individual interviews rather than a survey because it feels as though we’re really trying to get qualitative data.  The why’s rather than the what’s.  Or maybe…conduct eight interviews, distribute a survey and then conduct another eight post-hoc interviews to add context to the data collected from the survey.

Lemme know if this makes sense.  I’m OK with the scale of the research effort increasing because app developers are so important to us.



From: David F Flanders <dff.openstack at gmail.com<mailto:dff.openstack at gmail.com>>
Date: Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 11:53 AM
To: Pieter Kruithof <pieter.kruithof.jr at intel.com<mailto:pieter.kruithof.jr at intel.com>>
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Subject: Re: Application Developer recruitment survey

My only one request would need that this effort build towards having questions generated for the main user survey as being coordinated by the AppEco-WG and overseen by Edgar on the UC.

As to, the iterations would look something which supports Piet's UX methods:

1.) Short survey to recruit appDev
2.) Interviews with half a dozen appDev to a.) Generate info re appDev UX, and b.) generate (thematic analysis of interviews) questions for future user survey questions to be shared/circulated with AppEco-wg for refinement.
3.) Agreement with UC on which questions will go into the annual main survey.

@Piet please do amend as you are fit re UX methodology.

Kind Regards,


On 26 May 2016 7:16 AM, "Kruithof Jr, Pieter" <pieter.kruithof.jr at intel.com<mailto:pieter.kruithof.jr at intel.com>> wrote:

OpenStack UX, User Committee and the foundation’s marketing team have been working on a short survey to recruit application developers.

The question for the techncial committee is whether we are able to use your name in the introduction for the survey:

"The OpenStack Foundation and Technical Committee are distributing a survey to help the open source community understand application developers and build more relevant products. The survey should take no more than ten minutes to complete.

As thanks for your time, three people will be randomly selected to win a $100 gift card.


The goal of the recruitment survey is to generate a pool of application developers who are interested in participating in user research activities on behalf of the community.  The survey contains eight questions that can be used to screen potential participants for upcoming studies i.e. “We need to recruit eight participants with at least three years experience developing applications on a public cloud for a usability study.” App developers are difficult to recruit because they are less likely to attend community events or leverage the OpenStack IRC channels which is why we’re making a specific effort to recruit them.

The survey includes questions for the following areas:

* Company Type (Academic, ISV, etc)
* Company size
* Location of respondent
* Years developing apps
* App development languages
* Public clouds used by respondent (if at all)
* Private clouds used by respondent (if at all)
* Whether they participate in the community

We are trying to keep the survey as short as possible because we’re trying to recruit as many application developers as possible.  As Flanders noted, it’s challenging to have folks complete a survey at a conference or summit if they need to stand there for more than a couple of minutes.

The data collected from the survey will be managed by the foundation and email addresses for the respondents will not be shared with the community.

Let me know your thoughts.  In the meantime, we can always swap-out "OpenStack Foundation and Technical Committee” with “OpenStack UX project”.



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