[User-committee] [app] OpenStack Apps Community, several suggestions how to improve collaboration

Stefano Maffulli stefano at openstack.org
Tue May 17 16:43:06 UTC 2016

On 05/17/2016 08:40 AM, Hart Hoover (hahoover) wrote:
> No, I do not agree. An OpenStack application does not need to live on
> apps.openstack.org. It can live anywhere. #1 (it runs on OpenStack)
> is all that matters.

Amen. This is one of those cases where OpenStack should go out of its
boundaries, reach out to the existing communities and teach the way of
doing things with openstack.

> Secondly, the last thing I want to deal with as a user of OpenStack
> is the Foundation’s governance. 

I agree here too. I would want the OpenStack community to help
developers out there but stay very well out of the way in terms of
governance and tools. Every application is unique, and OpenStack is
unique too... any effort to put OpenStack models on top of others *will*

I never thought of the Apps Catalog as anything more than a first
attempt at a system to distribute a *curated* list of applications ready
to be deployed on *some* OpenStack clouds. I put emphasis on curated
(more below) and *some* because of Murano, Heat and TOSCA on one hand
and Ceph+Nova on another... #interoperability-fail

The Application Developers community is in its infancy and Apps Catalog
is only a tiny piece of it.

> Finally, who is responsible for the application once it’s on
> apps.openstack? The original developer. OpenStack should continue to
> follow DockerHub’s example (or if you prefer, the Chef Supermarket
> example) and link to source code elsewhere, and make it plain who
> wrote & maintains the app. Let anyone submit applications for the
> catalog with an OpenStackID – we should have less governance here,
> not more. 

We can discuss about the details... It's not a good idea to trust the
crowd without filtering (the crowd voted Barabbas :), I've heard many
times that there is too much junk in DockerHub or the Supermarket,
making them less valuable to the unexperienced users.

An OpenStack Apps Catalog without a strong editorial control would be
even less valuable to many popular use cases than it is now.

Maybe you're thinking of something more lightweight than the Apps
Catalog, like a simple aggregator of resources/apps with a lightweight
commenting/rating system and links... I'd go with that.


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