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I have an IRC cheat-sheet to share here :-)

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Also I believe it's quite easy to set up bidirectional mirroring between an IRC channel and a Slack channel. So, with the right setup, folks can participate via IRC or via Slack, as they prefer, and you still get all the IRC-related logging and automation benefits.


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> On Apr 30, 2016, at 4:09 PM, Christopher Aedo <doc at aedo.net> wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 12:48 PM, Blair Bethwaite 
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>> Hi all,
>> Following on from the inaugural scientific-wg, Stig and I as 
>> co-chairs need to organise a regular meeting schedule going forward. 
>> Anita provided some useful advice/pointers here - thanks!
>> I understand the infra team has various useful processes setup around 
>> IRC meetings, however I (and others) are concerned that IRC will be a 
>> barrier to entry for some folks wishing to participate in this forum 
>> - our own community cloud has experienced this, with Slack very 
>> quickly and popularly replacing IRC (note I'm not particularly 
>> advocating Slack itself here, there are a number of options).
>> Before we consider this further ourselves I'm wondering if this has 
>> already been discussed or is being considered by the core 
>> user-committee? I imagine this is something that will need to be 
>> addressed soon as the user-committee births new (not-as-technical) 
>> community working groups.
To my knowledge (at this point in time), there isn't any requirement set by the user committee for how teams communicate.  I participate in 2.5 working groups and they use different methods for communication methods.
> Blair, I have been talking to many folks about the same thing, 
> especially regarding the perceived barriers around getting up and 
> running with IRC.  I had planned to write up a blog post detailing a 
> step by step path to getting on IRC using the online service 
> https://www.irccloud.com.  I wanted to respond to this message right 
> away though, just to share my perspective.
> In my opinion getting the working groups comfortable with using IRC 
> will be a huge win for everyone involved.  Automatic logs of the 
> conversation make it easy for more people to keep up with what's 
> happening when they can't join the meetings.  Meetings that take place 
> over IRC are also often much more comfortable for introverts or 
> non-native english speakers who might be reluctant to speak up on a 
> conference call.  One other benefit is that being available on and 
> familiar with IRC will make it easier for us all the improve the 
> communication channels between OpenStack developers and all the great 
> people involved with the working groups.
The Product WG conducted our meetings originally by phone meetings and used etherpads to document results, however at this point, we have switched to IRC being the norm (and we still use phone meetings from time to time (as an exception) for one-off tasks.

I would like to second the comments made by Christopher... We have had several meetings in IRC where we have been discussing a topic and someone from the development community chimed in to enrichen the conversation.  The logs that Christopher mentioned are another benefit and the eavesdrop.openstack.org listing allows community members to create a calendar entry as well (this definitely helps people who might be interested in your working group find you).  I would also be glad to help any way I can to help the Scientific WG adjust to IRC (should you decide to use it).
> My intention over the next week or two will be to write a detailed 
> guide that will make it super easy for anyone to join the conversation 
> on IRC :)  What do you think?
I look forward to this guide!  It would've been very helpful during the Product WG transition to IRC.
> -Christopher
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