[User-committee] [App] "First App" Tutorial for OpenStack

Tom Fifield tom at openstack.org
Wed Dec 31 04:32:58 UTC 2014

Hi AppEcoWG,

I'm sure many have seen the "Writing your first Django app" tutorial before:


If you haven't go and take a look - it's arguably the gold standard for
an open source tutorial.

As discussed in our meeting in Paris, OpenStack needs something in that

We recently saw a real example of the need on the ops ml[1], when James
Dempsey posted:

"How do you help new OpenStack users learn to build awesome stuff in
your OpenStack clouds?"

Solving this is our aim here - create something that Operators like
James can give to their users to allow them to become effective at
building cloud applications.

The plan for now: flesh out ideas on what this would look like and how
it would work. Particularly we need to think about the kinds of example
applications we should go with.

We could look at finding an open source app that already exists that we
could modify, or look to come up with something that we could code up.

There's an etherpad and your ideas are welcome there or by reply email:


We could also brainstorm a little in an online meeting format too, where
I could rant about the idea a bit more if desired.

In parallel, I'm working to collect a half dozen experts that we can
lock in a room for a week in the future to make this happen. Who we need
will depend on the path we take, but if you know someone who you think
has the right stuff, drop me an email off-list.

In terms of deadlines, it seems like a reasonable aim to have the entire
tutorial finished by May for the Vancouver summit. Doable? :)




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