[release-announce] cinder 12.0.5 (queens)

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Tue Jan 29 01:54:18 UTC 2019

We jubilantly announce the release of:

cinder 12.0.5: OpenStack Block Storage

This release is part of the queens stable release series.

Download the package from:


For more details, please see below.


Known Issues

* Multiattach support is disabled for the LVM driver when using the
  LIO iSCSI target.  This functionality will be fixed in a later

Upgrade Notes

* Beginning with Cinder version 12.0.0, as part of the Queens
  release "policies  in code" community effort, Cinder has had the
  ability to run without a policy file because sensible default values
  are specified in the code.  Customizing the policies in effect at
  your site, however, still requires a policy file.  The default
  location of this file has been "/etc/cinder/policy.json" (although
  the documentation has indicated otherwise).  With this release, the
  default location of this file is changed to

  Some points to keep in mind:

  * The policy file to be used may be specified in the
    "/etc/cinder/cinder.conf" file in the "[oslo_policy]" section as
    the value of the "policy_file" configuration option. That way
    there's no question what file is being used.

  * To find out what policies are available and what their default
    values are, you can generate a sample policy file.  To do this,
    you must have a local copy of the Cinder source code repository.
    From the top level directory, run the command:

       tox -e genpolicy

    This will generate a file named "policy.yaml" in the "etc/cinder"
    directory of your checked-out Cinder repository.

  * The sample file is YAML (because unlike JSON, YAML allows
    comments). If you prefer, you may use a JSON policy file.

  * Beginning with Cinder 12.0.0, you only need to specify policies
    in your policy file that you want to **differ** from the default
    values. Unspecified policies will use the default values *defined
    in the code*. Given that a default value *must* be specified *in
    the code* when a new policy is introduced, the "default" policy,
    which was formerly used as a catch-all for policy targets that
    were not defined elsewhere in the policy file, has no effect.  We
    mention this because an old upgrade strategy was to use the policy
    file from the previous release with ""default": "role:admin"" (or
    ""default": "!"") so that newly introduced actions would be
    blocked from end users until the operator had time to assess the
    implications of exposing these actions.  This strategy no longer
    works.  Hopefully this isn't a problem because we're defining
    sensible defaults in the code.  It would be a good idea, however,
    to generate the sample policy file with each release (see
    instructions above) to verify this for yourself.

Bug Fixes

* PowerMax driver - Workload support was dropped in ucode 5978. If a
  VMAX All Flash array is upgraded to 5978 or greater and existing
  volume types leveraged workload e.g. DSS, DSS_REP, OLTP and
  OLTP_REP, certain operations will no longer work and the volume type
  will be unusable. This fix addresses these issues and fixes problems
  with using old volume types with workloads included in the volume
  type pool_name.

* Fixed a bug which could create volumes with invalid content in
  case of unhandled errors from glance client (Bug #1799221

* The Solidfire cinder driver has been fixed to ensure delete
  happens on the correct volume.

* Cinder will now consume quota when importing new backup resource.

* Fixes a bug in NetApp SolidFire where the deletion of group
  snapshots was failing.

* Fixes force_detach behavior for volumes in NetApp SolidFire

* Updated the parameter storwzie_preferred_host_site from StrOpt to
  DictOpt in cinder back-end configuration, and removed it from volume
  type configuration.

Changes in cinder 12.0.4..12.0.5

937af5b cinder-volume: Stop masking IOError different than ENOSPC
2edfdba Add secret=true to fixed_key configuration parameter
69c89e3 Retry on DBDeadLock affecting worker updates
acf1628 Consume quota when importing backup resource
da016c4 Ensure image utils don't block greenthreads
3e174a0 Handle rbd.OSError on broken RBD image
4818a54 VMAX Driver - VMAX OS Upgrade Bug
488b1f0 Stop cleaning images to be deleted in remotefs driver
61e90d5 Correct default policy file
c9991e9 Remove cinder-tox-compliance job
f72f348 lvm: Avoid premature calls to terminate_connection for muiltiattach vols
7503af1 LVM: Disable multiattach for LIO iSCSI target
6b4b20f Fix non iSCSI attach serialization
ed2c7b9 SF ensure the correct volume is deleted
f488613 VMAX Queens - 90 endpoint not compatible with unisphere 8.4
85b9eff Fix backup/restore error for ceph rbd backend
302e46d Handling type's multiattach extra specs in API task flow
3ca19b0 nimble storage: support for force detach
a5edf0b NetApp SolidFire: Fix force_detach
e201d5f NetApp SolidFire: Fix CG snapshot deletion
5d19cab Storwize: modify hyperswap host_site configuration

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.zuul.yaml                                         |  18 --
cinder/backup/api.py                               |  72 ++++--
cinder/backup/drivers/ceph.py                      | 141 +++++++-----
cinder/cmd/manage.py                               |   4 +-
cinder/db/sqlalchemy/api.py                        |   4 +
cinder/exception.py                                |   4 +
cinder/image/glance.py                             |   4 +
cinder/image/image_utils.py                        |  19 +-
cinder/keymgr/conf_key_mgr.py                      |   1 +
cinder/policy.py                                   |   2 +-
.../unit/volume/drivers/dell_emc/vmax/test_vmax.py | 188 +++++++++++++++-
.../unit/volume/drivers/ibm/test_storwize_svc.py   | 193 ++++++----------
.../volume/drivers/solidfire/test_solidfire.py     | 245 ++++++++++++++++++++-
.../unit/volume/flows/test_create_volume_flow.py   | 155 ++++---------
cinder/volume/api.py                               |   7 +-
cinder/volume/drivers/dell_emc/vmax/common.py      |  67 ++++--
cinder/volume/drivers/dell_emc/vmax/fc.py          |   3 +-
cinder/volume/drivers/dell_emc/vmax/iscsi.py       |   3 +-
cinder/volume/drivers/dell_emc/vmax/masking.py     |   2 +
cinder/volume/drivers/dell_emc/vmax/provision.py   |   3 +-
cinder/volume/drivers/dell_emc/vmax/rest.py        |  67 +++---
.../ibm/storwize_svc/storwize_svc_common.py        |  60 ++++-
.../drivers/ibm/storwize_svc/storwize_svc_fc.py    |  36 +--
.../drivers/ibm/storwize_svc/storwize_svc_iscsi.py |  38 ++--
cinder/volume/drivers/lvm.py                       |  20 +-
cinder/volume/drivers/nimble.py                    |  33 +++
cinder/volume/drivers/rbd.py                       |   2 +-
cinder/volume/drivers/remotefs.py                  |   2 +-
cinder/volume/drivers/solidfire.py                 |  81 ++++---
cinder/volume/flows/api/create_volume.py           |  24 +-
cinder/volume/manager.py                           |  17 +-
.../drivers/ibm-storwize-svc-driver.rst            |  21 +-
...ax-powermaxos-upgrade-fix-4c76186cfca66790.yaml |   9 +
...-in-case-of-glance-errors-6cae19218249c3cf.yaml |   6 +
...05550-default-policy-file-db15eaa76fefa115.yaml |  48 ++++
releasenotes/notes/bug-reno-69539ecb9b0b5464.yaml  |   5 +
...import-backup-quota-issue-8yh69hd19u7tuu23.yaml |   3 +
.../notes/fix-netapp-cg-da4fd6c396e5bedb.yaml      |   4 +
.../fix-netapp-force_detach-36bdf75dd2c9a030.yaml  |   3 +
.../lio-multiattach-disabled-a6ee89072fe5d032.yaml |   5 +
...yperswap-host-site-update-621e763768fab9ee.yaml |   6 +
51 files changed, 1431 insertions(+), 590 deletions(-)

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