[release-announce] python-masakariclient 5.3.0 (stein)

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Tue Jan 15 01:41:07 UTC 2019

We are jazzed to announce the release of:

python-masakariclient 5.3.0: masakariclient module and a CLI tool for

This release is part of the stein release series.

The source is available from:


Download the package from:


Please report issues through launchpad:


For more details, please see below.


New Features

* Added "--os-region-name" and "--os-interface" options to select
  which endpoint it should use to connect to the masakari service. If
  masakari services are running in multiple regions of your cloud, you
  can specify *--os-region-name* in order to get OpenStack service
  client for the specified region. By default, keystoneauth always
  selects *public* interface endpoint from the service catalog. Now
  you can also specify *admin* or *internal* in the --os-interface

Changes in python-masakariclient 5.2.0..5.3.0

e334d93 Delete segment and host shouldn't ignore not found error
ebd20ce Update the hacking to latest
71ce1fb Fix osc command issue
4ff13d9 import zuul job settings from project-config
8b6d55f Add --os-interface and --os-region-name options
930d448 Update reno for stable/rocky

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.zuul.yaml                                         |  4 ++
HACKING.rst                                        |  4 +-
masakariclient/cliargs.py                          | 11 ++++
masakariclient/plugin.py                           | 22 ++++++--
masakariclient/shell.py                            |  2 +
masakariclient/v1/client.py                        | 25 +++++----
masakariclient/v1/shell.py                         |  8 +--
.../notes/bug-1764931-889d9fe4cfb80b01.yaml        | 10 ++++
releasenotes/source/conf.py                        | 25 ++++-----
releasenotes/source/index.rst                      |  1 +
releasenotes/source/rocky.rst                      |  6 +++
tox.ini                                            |  2 +-
15 files changed, 157 insertions(+), 36 deletions(-)

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