[release-announce] kolla-ansible 5.0.4 (pike)

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Mon Jan 7 15:01:06 UTC 2019

We are chuffed to announce the release of:

kolla-ansible 5.0.4: Ansible Deployment of Kolla containers

This release is part of the pike stable release series.

Download the package from:


For more details, please see below.

Changes in kolla-ansible 5.0.3..5.0.4

1952ed5 kolla-ansible fix to correct magnum k8s deployment
2561b27 Add logs_dir to kolla-ansible CI jobs
8d2af03 Fernet cron path
49a8b32 Use openstackclient instead of neutronclient
bff38db fixed memcached is not restarted when config changed
70c1a23 Allow fluentd to read barbican-api.log
dca1b68 Fix the profile missing when run bootstrap.sh
bbaa097 Pin ARA to 0.15.x
61b7f6b import zuul job settings from project-config
fa247bd Temporary ignore B303 in bandit tests
dce3048 Clear all l3 related namespace before starting neutron-l3-agent only when l3_ha is enable

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.zuul.yaml                                                     | 7 +++++++
ansible/roles/barbican/templates/barbican-api.json.j2          | 2 +-
ansible/roles/heat/templates/heat.conf.j2                      | 2 +-
ansible/roles/keystone/templates/keystone-fernet.json.j2       | 3 ++-
ansible/roles/memcached/handlers/main.yml                      | 2 +-
ansible/roles/neutron/templates/neutron-l3-agent-wrapper.sh.j2 | 2 ++
contrib/dev/vagrant/bootstrap.sh                               | 3 ++-
tools/setup_gate.sh                                            | 7 +++++--
tox.ini                                                        | 4 ++--
9 files changed, 23 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

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