[release-announce] [heat] heat-tempest-plugin 0.1.0

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Wed Feb 21 22:51:19 UTC 2018

We are stoked to announce the release of:

heat-tempest-plugin 0.1.0: OpenStack Orchestration Tempest Plugin

This is the first release of heat-tempest-plugin.

Download the package from:


For more details, please see below.

Changes in heat-tempest-plugin 450aa7f3f5f4aa8ded094a191e8674080ce688e8..0.1.0

7fa633b Modify flavor for integration test
a496a91 Added LICENSE file to heat tempest plugin
0ffa4a3 Add cross repo voting gate jobs from heat
f89752b Revert back to using [heat_plugin] section in tempest.conf
322707c Add oslo.messaging to requirements
3220134 Remove dependence on heat.common
94a520a Fix imports for test_simultaneous_update
5eaa496 Add functional tests for stack cancel
c570e0f Cleanup ROLLBACK_COMPLETE stack after the test finishes
7e2710b Return Environment from validate_template
d69f031 Fix AodhAlarmTest to use gnocchi
d2916d0 Initial movement to new repo with cleanup
80b5709 Retrigger new traversals after resource timeout
196c86e Add integration tests for simultaneous updates
399af3c Fix regex for updated_time in PATCH update api test
32102c6 Add action_wait_secs for update
8563819 API Tests: Ensure updated_time changes in stack patch update
f407e10 Allow convergence-specific Tempest tests
6cec7ee Defer exceptions in calculating node_data()
e151fbf * Add new HOT version for Queens release
2284757 Add gabbi api tests for stack update/patch-update
e7872e7 Fix race in ZaqarEventSinkTest.test_events
5200ac7 Use zaqar v2 in integration tests
6ce8d96 Implement handle_<action>_cancel for SoftwareDeployment
7f72c40 Get dep_attrs from StackDefinition
e0b7aa1 Add trunk functional testcases to heat
47039e2 Don't load new copies of current resources
d52903d Add a functional test for nested get_attr functions
75aa8b1 Fix ResourceActionNotSupported errors in log
c756e71 Add test for basic resources as heat define test
4bc75ee Fix race in new condition test
2a5bfcd Improve StackValidationFailed exception
4750ea4 Update functional tests missing skip check
92902b8 Add functional test for conditions during updates
5942662 Fix races in SoftwareDeploymentGroupTest
34b88ee Increase cooldown in test_asg_cooldown
2578a76 Use signal_url in TestAodhAlarm scenario test
efcd0fc Get the deployment group resources again after CREATE_COMPLETE
1a569f0 Check for correct Neutron exceptions harder
e28de9f Check for correct neutron exceptions
90b3ab4 Fix handle_restore for server and volume resources
a4eb53d Change user name limit to 255 characters
2a978b6 Bring back signal-related tests
04479f9 Allow retries when resource acquires lock
4325015 Consolidate resource locking with state changes
ab24375 Copy template version when update fails
8fcf192 Add auth_version config option
dc12a41 Add few functional tests for translation
be38c30 Use project_name/admin_project_name config option
a6afca8 Wait for the policy to be done in tests
4948879 Fix calls to call_until_true
ffdd10f Fix format_stack_preview for py3
f7ea44e Remove encoding for application/json in response
4d1362b Fix remaining py3 tests
4e7db09 Fix some functional tests for py3
09461f7 Remove log translations
db36c09 Skip integration tests when Swift is not available
1f50469 Add new HOT version for Pike release
5ea4aa4 Fix missing spaces in strings
525f03e Encode exception message in tests
4ebfbef Fix config file management in tests
7256650 Skip test_update_with_mac_address without admin credentials
12bd103 Reduce wait condition signal number
613f815 Use keystone v3 and session for swiftclient
d1757c5 Fix swift key generation in python3
530626f Use os_cache in place of no_cache
0f4c6f0 Skip integration tests when not configured
c074216 Add gabbi tests for resource REST API
2bde278 Make API services with apache the default
10a9b10 Set content-type when signaling deployment
2026ac1 Correct to 'heat_config_notify_script'
71d2dcc Add more gabbi REST API tests
60bd2e0 Initial heat REST API tests with gabbi
8bba733 Don't use hardcoded flavors in tests
133ee5f Use both domain id and name
4dd1394 Do not set the mime-type for userdata
c626457 Allow 'mac_address' updatable for neutron port
77717e9 Use more specific asserts in tests
fa535cf m1.tiny is not always there
b825927 Speed up lbaasv2 test
f9681be Resolve all functions before RESOLVE translation
ac474e8 Remove unnecessary setUp and tearDown
c333f76 Use minimal image wherever possible
d075e22 Increase the timeout for the stop_stack message
0e8567e Wait for deletion_time in integration tests
62c6360 Add a new HOT template version for Ocata
fc2c58f Fix cancel update for nova server with defined port
1a977c6 Allow referencing conditions by name
a9b5aaf Copy correct definition to the backup stack
81ca6bc Add functional test for SDG rolling_update
d448dae Add test for SoftwareDeploymentGroup resource
ee582d9 Revert "Allow reference conditions by name"
e436574 Allow reference conditions by name
2b642c2 Modify use of assertTrue(A in B)
945e14b Non-destructive upgrade for deprecated resources
26da898 Provide 'or' function
7bdc751 Provide 'and' function
bf63fcb Provides 'not' condition function
fb8b51f Provides 'if' intrinsic function
27075a9 Support condition for output
78d0993 Add functional test coverage for files API
99a25de Support condition for resource
ae90e13 Run heat_integrationtests as a tempest plugin
a887b63 Do not use env var conf defaults
21904b5 Use tempest.conf when running under tempest
b752e91 Don't manipulate config for admin creds
39ed19e Register heat tempest plugin
f61390f Add support for a resource level external_id
c2f84ee Add scenario test_server_signal
db193a1 Remove additional purge test
dc769c3 Adopt tempest plugin config namespace
87af900 Add an integration for server using neutron
cfffc83 Increase default sighup_timeout
1d76d5c Supplement:use assertEqual() instead of assertDictEqual()
706fce9 Purge deleted stacks for specific project
80e0ad6 Correct reraising of exception
aa8eef2 Remove unused LOG to keep code clean
52422d3 Fix another test race in test_update_restricted
422c1ba Migrate to aodh for OS::Ceilometer::Alarm
f54ccd0 Add default release names for template versions
6f68c36 Add a sleep after delete before purging
6f225b1 Config: no need to set default=None
015fb6e Use LOG.exception() properly
647406e Wait for stack status instead of group status
f6df13b    Fix some spelling mistakes in heat as follows:
be7a59e Add wait_sec for test_stack_update_from_failed
6df3d3d Fix test_update_restricted timeouts due to timestamp resolution
fd98a47 Add integration tests for admin actions
7e52e1e Authorize super admin actions on all projects
1305de9 Fix env passed to test_replace
f86c7fe Fix tests on Neutron port behavior
e452f7a Don't hard code subnet
17f41de Pass keystone session to clients
15ad532 Migrate to nova api version 2.1
55e02a0 Fix resource loading in resource filtering
07fac1f Use keystoneauth1 instead of keystoneclient.auth
93a2da8 Add wait_secs to test_stack_update_from_failed_patch
23f18f3 Adds default policy rule for resources limited to administrator
f7d6708 Remove unnecessary usage of stack_name
8e57189 Set security_groups when create internal ports for nova server
20d93d5 Functional test for asg cooldown property
de6ad90 Functional test for asg max_size and min_size
c5735a8 Removes duplicate code autoscale_complete
ea98f2c Fix properties usage in ResourceChain update
56b6749 Revert "Check RBAC policy for nested stacks"
babb60d Revert "Check RBAC policy for nested stacks"
a5d43d3 Increase timeout of WaitCondition due to ConcurrentTransactions
742d61a Increase timeout of WaitCondition due to ConcurrentTransactions
2e923a7 Add lbaas v2 scenario test
6658709 Fix race condition for WaitCondition with several signals
4f9729f Add a new HOT template version for Newton
1d53874 Use domain env variables as defaults
b0759cd Use region from config in functional tests
86a6a41 Fix race condition for WaitCondition with several signals
608f8cc Remove unknown parameters in patched update
d3e8237 Remove unknown parameters in patched update
b2bca1b Check RBAC policy for nested stacks
74690ce Add functional lbaas v2 tests
483e64b Fix race condition in reload_on_sighup functional
793c23e Fix stack preview
39aa11a Heat integration tests failing against https endpoints
2810bb5 Fix error msg for wrong auth_url in functional
4d42374 Fix problems in unicode template support
2087529 Return HTTPBadRequest error from API for immutable parameters
3a17869 Add functional test for immutable parameters
9480c0e Make ZaqarEventSinkTest more lenient
e825689 Revert "Check RBAC policy for nested stacks"
d60ebed Add function tests for event sinks
f07f471 Don't resolve outputs during polling stack status
a90e262 Use yaml.safe_dump instead of yaml.dump
87be9b4 Add functional tests for update restrict
a286a13 Fix test_encryption_vol_type to take admin creds from conf
983fcf6 Ignore connection error when testing load balancer
d8df4dd Use yaml.safe_load() instead of yaml.load()
a5bfe02 Use oslo.utils.reflection to extract class name
aca8b2c Don't pass both network_id and port_id when attach interface
39c4ce4 Hook into environment merging on server
3557142 Ignore errors on old properties during update
3b7e3d8 Add test for zaqar-based wait conditions
e9dffe5 Fix imports for pep8 check
65493fb Accommodate v2 and v3 auth for integration tests
e6de2d6 Fix update preview to handle nested stacks
a9d3fdd Fix some word spellings
de2c55b Check RBAC policy for nested stacks
62d9032 Add test for stack outputs
203f875 Remove redundant _stack_rand_name from func tests
2ce4bda Software config zaqar integration tests
6c7211c Edit backslashes for lines continuation
d6b8ddf FunctionalTests don't run non-test check_skip_test
09ae1b0 test_preview_update only create one stack per test
28b4870 Do not pass both port-id and fixed-ip to create server
abf9789 Add tests for heat template apis
fb53d42 Fix race condition in tests with swift key
9593716 Improve gateway_ip updation for subnet
35db11a Replace assertTrue(isinstance()) with assertIsInstance()
c7e36ed Using LOG.warning replace LOG.warn
398e6bd Wrong usage of "a"
444b74b Trivial: Remove unused logging import
a4211da Added ResourceChain plugin
0f70c28 Fix database purge query
6b378ab Split abandon into pre-abandon(export) and abandon
8a3c1ec Allow in-place updates for all compatible types
b0cccac Add a test for environment change in failed update
b1d2705 Remove default None value for config options
80519eb Allow to update subnet without 'allocation_pools'
855d1c0 Use assertTrue/False instead of assertEqual(T/F)
3eab294 Expand test in-progress workaround
8bcff8a Add functional test for ResourceGroup rolling_update
6d8e086 Allow LBaas integration tests to dynamically skip
06b1127 Remove unnecessary update_replace parameter
f0ac958 Fix [H405] pep rule in heat_integrationtests
d1ab9c6 Try polling swift object before creating stack
23284b6 Add functional test coverage for PATCH updates
a30ac12 Change cinder client version to 2 for integration tests
03767a8 Allow nested validation for template-validate
b5aa902 Add integration tests for preview update
dca518b Add a functional test proving OS::Heat::None works with validate
1c8499d Always return default via template-validate "Default"
775a138 Adding basic test to exercise the heat event APIs.
7419382 Add initial functional test for template-validate
8ba6253 Handle replace and rollback cases for Port
9cc3a5f Make the stack tags template non-empty
89082a3 Add integration test for UPDATE_FAILED recovery
f71ae07 Return error message if validate fail when clearing hook
a064e28 Wait for metadata actually set to server
405444f Move TestResource in-tree
73dcbc6 Make the TestResource a bit smarter
dd5a607 Test case for resource_facade
9ede185 Merge Neutron AutoScaling and LoadBalancer tests
67a64d9 Add resource_type-specific policies
36eb824 Update encrypted param template Added the encrypted parameter as a property for a Nova server
cce999a Fix incorrect resource's information while describing
dbea6ab Assert DELETE_COMPLETE on all stack delete cleanup
91ca90c Revert failing tests and use v3 for ec2 tokens
9d3cd4f Increase the concurrency of software-config functional test
94c4372 Adds option to skip specific tests
7aee65a Skip failing integration tests
12e13d4 Don't use Ref in hot template (functional test)
287ffff Add cleanup when skipping tests for stack actions
8e23eb1 Functional test for encryption volume type
477efc9 Add config entries to skip integration tests
6a20e3b Validate TemplateResource schema when based on other templates
cecb8ed Add basic stack-preview functional test
bad70a7 Revert "Temporarily skip failing scenario tests"
245ccc4 Add functional test for resource exposure
61a99e1 Add test for template resource suspend/resume
7c9115d Integration test check for OS_PROJECT_NAME too
e299636 Temporarily skip failing scenario tests
ff6e675 Add a functional test option to skip notification tests
a89a028 Scan for output errors in functional tests
96606b3 Adding functional integration test for encrypted parameters.
d3f7471 Removes replace-on-update for SwiftSignalHandle resource
10a4bc4 Always commit after deployment db operations
75ee9d1 Catch NotFound in format_stack_resource for nested()
eecee65 Adds coverage for AWS EIP resource in scenario tests
4be023a Wait until child process will be killed
b4aa063 Re-enable the ceilometer alarm test
a4f9f82 Temporarily skip the ceilometer alarm test(again)
6096dd9 Extract tags before pass them in create/update
2cbc0a8 Update wsgi.py to support reload from conf on SIGHUP
daffd85 Specify network for server in test_validation
1a33fab Re-enable ceilometer alarm test
0d9c7ac Temporarily skip the ceilometer alarm test
793b0fc Produce more meaningful exception messages in nested stacks
28bf16e Add functional test for neutron port
ec4b03b Use network 'heat-net' for integration_tests
5e4d5f4 Run functional tests when no ceilometer endpoint
b1293ae Fix property validation for TemplateResource during update
406bbd5 Add basic Ceilometer alarm test
19b9e1d Assert that we can update TemplateResources with a new file path
954285c Run heat_integrationtests in parallel
277ea69 Add functional tests for stack tags/hidden stacks
203c63a Don't assert against all the lb-members
e5ad25b Prevent false positives of *_FAILED status
3a195a5 Wait for the stack lock to be released
13a8a17 Prevent false positives of UPDATE_COMPLETE in integration tests
95ac9aa Use ipv4 address for connectivity in lb integration test
83ef84d Use ipv4 subnet in Heat scenario tests
4920fda Update urllib/httplib/cStringIO to use six.moves
79ab11f Fix ResourceGroup validate when there are removal_policies
0145b8d Fix ResourceGroup validate when there are removal_policies
1557a2f Persist parent_resource_name and make sure it's available
bf67ce3 Remove redundant checks of stack status
d750079 Improve StackValidationFailed response in properties
a7500d1 Use helper functions stack_suspend and stack_resume
2e61f9f Persist parent_resource_name and make sure it's available
7205fee Fix NeutronLoadBalancerTest.test_neutron_loadbalancer timeout
a3325d6 test_resource for functional tests
28ac2c0 Fix functional test_signal_during_suspend
f132449 Create an event when signalling fails
2eb7d60 Prove that we can't signal during a suspend
e3bee73 Correctly initialize copies of stack during updating stack
595602e test_hooks remove race-prone status wait
499a9d7 Fix some new PEP8 errors found at gate
46e5cb2 Add minimal_instance_type config option
6fa2380 Add floating network config option
803f150 Func tests use fedora-heat-test-image
7bf15e7 iniset heat_integrationtests.conf
e0ad363 Use outputs section for getting ip addresses
03da074 Add a functional test for hooks/breakpoints
3e0ab4d Add integration scenario test for Neutron LBaaS
2464129 Use oslo.log for heat_integrationtests
6f9f860 Remove capacity check from AWS::AG update
d9cd9dc Move test_notifications to functional
673fc43 Refactor '_get_default_network' method in the integration tests
d6de8a2 Use AWS::EC2::EIP for test_server_cfn_init
0b679bb Func test conf to specify boot config
8c9aee1 Fixes for test_server_software_config
856f575 Func test use param for software_config_transport
e45bfff Integration scenario test refactoring
45a4e49 Reduce the load on functional tests
9a74557 Fix variables reference in the integration tests methods
bcc78df Add ability to pass parameters during update
59b8f41 Add ability to pass 0, "", {} or [] as a parameter
8d1050c Only parse complex types if there is a value
0e7ad37 Use the AWS instance type in the cfn_init scenario
f6c8f12 Integration test for software-config tools
4f069fb Make import of oslo libraries namespaceless
95403d8 Move nested stack delete test to functional
a265c13 Move assign_keypair method in base class
ef9d842 Re-use stack_create method from base class
d6fa5c0 Split templates and tests in scenario tests
c85229b Move autoscaling tests with signals to functional
08514ad Remove some unused functions and improve call_until_true
ac6b02f fixed typo from dependant to dependent
d2f4a5a Fix formatting issues in NeutronAutoscalingTest
1d74d3d Test for path attributes in OS::Heat::AutoScalingGroup
04ee802 Skip Stack Adopt/Abandon integration tests when Stack Adopt is disabled
f1b10dd Move suspend/resume autoscaling tests to functional
d4b6bc0 Apply instance group fix to AS functional test
4408da3 Move aws nested stack tests to functional tests
5a3e1dd Fix update on failed stack
545dfeb Wait for all resources to get updated before asserting state
0ab3d7c Test auto-scaling for neutron
8760172 Convert parser tests that need nested stacks to unit tests
b61f8f1 Move resource group property update tests to functional
665d86c Move ResourceGroup update sequence test to functional
011acc7 Move the resource group adopt test to functional
2833901 Move autoscaling update policy to functional
60e0ecd Enable H305 and H307 style checks
771235a Move instance group update policy tests to functional
3325874 Remove keypairs from test_instance_group.py
ed26600 Remove now unneeded functional test
7c1f224 Make StackResource less strict on initial validation
2bd63a4 Move template resource tests to functional
4754f4f Prevent occasional test failures due to duplicate stack names
cd3622e Use oslo.config generator
c6b2562 Cleanup heat/openstack/common
0a25a73 Create and update func tests for resource group
9612adc Fix json syntax in inline template
6f0bda8 Disable nested validation for ResourceGroup with zero count
d67cf70 Move instance_error_causes_group_error() to functional tests
cd21b1b Move test_update_group_replace() to functional tests
8c5b855 Move test_create_config_prop_validation to functional
bfc7e93 Move test_size_updates_work() to functional tests
95f65a2 Add "parameter_defaults" to the environment
c0fffda Integration test for remote stack
ebf15d7 Move basic instance group functional tests
986ff14 Fix [H302] errors in heat_integrationtests
70c2f28 Add support for running tests against standalone Heat
2404370 Add logging fixture to integration tests
f2c82c0 Create common stack_create functional test helper
c9efd97 Move common functions into functional test base-class
417097e Add functional test for update of group of provider resources
be1ce2d Add functional test for update of provider resource
6ef6c34 Functional tests skip volume_create_backup_restore
50d3e8c Halt test_cinder_volume_create_backup_restore on error
f547ec3 Functional test UpdateStackTest
a5bd912 Add volume backup/restore integration test
e64590b Configure flavor and image from env
647b345 Move test_server_cfn_init from tempest to heat

Requirements updates

diff --git a/requirements.txt b/requirements.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..0ca9082
--- /dev/null
+++ b/requirements.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
+# The order of packages is significant, because pip processes them in the order
+# of appearance. Changing the order has an impact on the overall integration
+# process, which may cause wedges in the gate later.
+eventlet!=0.18.3,!=0.20.1,<0.21.0,>=0.18.2 # MIT
+keystoneauth1>=3.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.config>=4.6.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.log>=3.30.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.messaging>=5.29.0 # Apache-2.0
+paramiko>=2.0.0 # LGPLv2.1+
+python-cinderclient>=3.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+gnocchiclient>=3.3.1 # Apache-2.0
+python-heatclient>=1.10.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-neutronclient>=6.3.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-novaclient>=9.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-swiftclient>=3.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-zaqarclient>=1.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+testtools>=1.4.0 # MIT
+testscenarios>=0.4 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+tempest>=16.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+gabbi>=1.35.0 # Apache-2.0
+kombu!=4.0.2,>=4.0.0 # BSD
diff --git a/test-requirements.txt b/test-requirements.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..f3e74e0
--- /dev/null
+++ b/test-requirements.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+# The order of packages is significant, because pip processes them in the order
+# of appearance. Changing the order has an impact on the overall integration
+# process, which may cause wedges in the gate later.
+# Hacking already pins down pep8, pyflakes and flake8
+hacking!=0.13.0,<0.14,>=0.12.0 # Apache-2.0
+openstackdocstheme>=1.17.0 # Apache-2.0
+sphinx>=1.6.2 # BSD

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