[release-announce] [puppet] puppet-qdr 1.0.0 (queens)

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Tue Feb 20 22:34:31 UTC 2018

We are overjoyed to announce the release of:

puppet-qdr 1.0.0

This is the first release of puppet-qdr. This release is part of the
queens release series.

Download the package from:


For more details, please see below.

Changes in puppet-qdr 56b6fc7ccdd445dbdc42d4e8241871844cdcd8d4..1.0.0

18f07a5 Prepare for official Queens release
aad542a Load puppet-openstack_spec_helper locally during tests
795e180 Zuul: Remove project name
ff6d4ba Prepare for Queens Milestone 3
dc22d1a Run puppet-openstack-beaker-jobs
7d89143 Add Puppet package to bindep, for module build
6f670d2 Switch to Zuul v3 testing
dcd40ca Fix permissions on qdrouterd.sasldb
537c1b2 Update ensurable for qdr types and directory
f4ca69a Remove extra spaces
a48d122 Change default log location for qdrouterd service
95c0eb4 Fix lint issues to upgrade to puppet-lint 2.3
3597293 Add external listener, connector and address configuration
92604b8 Remove extras spaces
d131c23 Add autorequire on service for qdr types
56a2771 Add bindep support
3dc5db2 Remove sasldb file as parameter for qdr_user type
d0cd533 Allow clients to connect without ssl
df0e57b Update router_worker_threads to os_workers
68a0e44 Show team and repo badges on README
f8a02e8 Fix lint job
c51c903 Fix puppet version for requirements in metadata
db1a9e3 Add openstack .gitreview
75bb0b5 Fix puppet-qdr testing
6b2f2ea Unify use of name param for address resource
188d091 Fixed bug in address provider
6527742 Fix typo and transposition
b374043 Add address type and refactor parameters
911e05e Schema updates and spec tests
bda4c1a fix check on threads
ba869b9 Added basic rspec tests
abf1029 Defer ssl setup
ca199fd set default ssl paths
8704500 Add LICENSE file
af1d59f Add basic fixture file
1495562 Added ssl profile to template
2bf4870 Added to README
441b33e Added to README
fd19de4 Added to README
a4d1bb1 Fixed type for debian service name
003be79 Some cleanup and refactoring
c1c3e17 missing sasl install for debian
9b0c690 Ensure service home directory for sasl to create db
3b7668c Fixed package ensure
6596083 Added example, apt install refactor
292f6e5 Added example, apt install refactor
730bb29 Fix log file access
d07b49c Set up service home for log output
8e29ebb Pass at Debian, sasl support and lint cleanup
5504b34 Add user resource with sasl provider
131a310 Listener resource updates
6880149 Additional attributes for listeners, connectors
c1aaecd Adding module description
80bebbf Added connector and log types
3354d2e Change authenticate peer values to tf
ea4e07f Delete qdr_listener.pp
8e9babb Modified provider to prefetch model
e983610 Delete qdr_listener.rb~
86c0acf initial commit for qpid-dispatch puppet module

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