[release-announce] puppet-monasca 1.1.0 (queens)

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Tue Feb 20 22:33:39 UTC 2018

We are pumped to announce the release of:

puppet-monasca 1.1.0

This is the first release of puppet-monasca. This release is part of
the queens release series.

Download the package from:


For more details, please see below.

Changes in puppet-monasca 13b53812ec25fa5f7ebf65a1a040f031358b305a..1.1.0

1dc9d67 Prepare for official Queens release
6e33c96 Add Puppet package to bindep, for module build
c4df75f Load puppet-openstack_spec_helper locally during tests
747e0fa Zuul: Remove project name
6ac8b46 Fix resources for latest puppet
f4f60cc Switch to Zuul v3 testing
151e23b Fix lint issues to upgrade to puppet-lint 2.3
e966b52 Add configuration of host_aggregate_re for libvirt plugin
39465df Add configuration of ovs publish_router_capacity flag
6bb4ee6 Add ability to specify whitelist of metrics to retain in admin project
bed6e5a Update agent init file for better shutdown
0c64cfa Fix a couple bugs in the stack management script
43937f0 Fix python-virtualenv references for puppet4
54ddc2f Add adminRole option to api config
eef07ef Update for storm nimbus HA feature
86955c9 Add support for monasca-notification hipchat and slack
a5aa94e Fix template for puppet 4
c1c9f0d Add new config values for rabbitmq check
27845d7 Add config of metadata for ovs plugin
d885918 Provide default service_name for keystone endpoint
91466b4 Include vertica alarms state history table in stats update
3db503f Fix drop partition script after testing with multiple older partitions
098d07d Better vertica partition defaults, new drop script
0c7f731 Fix puppet-lint before upgrading gem
470edbc Set enable on agent service
0338017 Add configuration of monasca agent vertica plugin
ab26276 Allow dynamic alarm and notification bootstrapping
b988e01 Include ovs metrics when pruning non-infra projects
9cc5912 Fine tuning of stack script
276d33a Allow tuning of database connection thread pool settings
0b8492d Add configuration of solidfire plugin
4be7962 Add two additional projections for new api queries
a307cbd Add configuration of read-only api user roles.
ce5b5ae New vertica measurements projection for time based indexing
429ccd0 Using puppet-openstack standard gitignore
a092199 Fix missing dependencies
4b36f0a Update libvirt plugin configuration for latest agent.
31d28a7 Update ovs plugin config file with latest settings
5ea6af7 Update storm scripts to work with new storm
1c53d1f Update notification conf file for periodic notifications
02d817c Include openstacklib defaults manifest.
6e26e2d Fix multiple dimension query bug
f381019 Support pruning a time range in vertica
57cf143 Ensure all servers are listed (beyond osapi_max_limit)
97c1663 Schema change for deterministic alarms defs
46c945e Add support for periodic notification
1a4ae8a Allow vertica db hint for queries
29c6e93 Add flag to submit libvirt metrics as bits
b430220 Change wiki to docs
034da28 Update agent plugin for new options
b20ff86 Update monasca-agent init scripts
6940549 Add configuration of ovs plugin
83ec145 Remove verbose
218bc38 Allow query limit to be configurable
4cf1d03 Fix for custom agent roles
5697695 Support individual alarm notification actions
095d35c Add ability to include libvirt scale group metadata
86d0626 Support pruning metrics by dimension(s)
770fedf Gemfile: rely on puppet-openstack_spec_helper for dependencies
3f73ab2 Minor changes to support kafka
1e27ee7 Add script to cleanup stale VM alarms
5dfdc23 Add ability to prune metrics by name
b6c3468 Support dynamic mysql port
f22a8dd Use uppercase 'S' in word "OpenStack"
fcb082c Use puppet-openstack_spec_helper for Rakefile & spec_helper_acceptance
9bf9f93 Change vertica bootstrap scripts to work with vertica 7.2
9c1a917 Replicate measurements projection for better horizontal scaling
1cf02f7 Fix prune script to protect admin project data
86edf5d Refactor keystone service and endpoint to be more like other puppet modules
639b9a3 drop mock dependency
5c8461d Add support for symlinked agent virtualenv
51f21af Add bootstrapping of notification methods
2d1e5d4 Fix for older versions of keystone module
f627cfb Remove explicit python-pip class declarations
0f477c8 Add script to prune data older than a retention period
c09271d Make Keystone_endpoint match service by name/type
5010a21 Add execution parallelism tunable to vertica resource pool creation
f4e1005 Use params class for api and pers settings
d445905 Remove obsolete tenant parameter
9ab39fd Clean up api and persister users/passwords, separate from dbadmin
f639186 Fix deprecated ERB references
d5fc6b9 Remove class_parameter_defaults puppet-lint check
693c8be Change default monasca api port to 8070 to avoid murano conflict
992b87c Refine vertica projection for measurements table
7890aaf Add script to update vertica statistics
6c9a6b3 Get puppet-lint working again
97d7995 Expand value_meta to 8192 to allow for UTF encoding
3b2fd80 Refresh monasca-api service when startup script changes
2975948 Only report STDERR to /var/log/upstart
e585901 Fix rspec 3.x syntax
de4a54f Add ability to set roles for monasca users
2cebfe1 New mysql schema for fujitsu logging changes that have merged
9d63758 Remove primary key on definition_dimensions_id
b29b0f1 Reflect provider change in puppet-openstacklib
e4673c8 Fix template variable scoping
fbfe8e3 Allow config of check idle connection for persister
d4c70c2 Allow changing the checkConnectionWhileIdle flag for api
5570de2 Add tag to package and service resources
e43f8a9 Puppet-Monasca Project Namespace Change
64525bd Fix metadata.json lint issues
5ec8b1f Replaced Stackforge with OpenStack in README.md file
1afca76 Change to support api config for remote database
01267f5 Update mysql schema definitions, fix thresh startup script dependency
05ba695 keystone/auth: make service description configurable
2424490 Update .gitreview file for project rename
7bbb228 Lint fixes for defined types
7ab57be Remove Release Notes section from README
f2c072f Add vertica utility vsql script
569975d Update vertica projections for better performance
4657141 Sync Gemfile
bb9cee0 Fix syntax errors in metadata.json
d6cc451 Fix variable access in nagios wrapper config
5880ae8 Remove more automatic dimensions
a98dc05 Remove automatic setup of service dimension
81a64f7 Update vertica schema, remove id from metrics table
e095ef2 Better generation of nagios check file
3429074 Change vertica schema IDENTITY max
1299be9 Add check setup for system checks.
610ab28 Make api server have configurable backend db
4171ea9 Make persister more flexible for database type
dcf3f71 Makes monasca roles configurable
a4e180d Update vertica schema
cc3fc6d Add vertica specific configuration to templates
3fdd3e7 Add support for vertica backend
3a1cabf Update agent default parameters
9122531 Allow monasca-agent install from wheels
0e01715 Add region support to libvirt plugin.
f00aad9 Fix startup script for upstart style scripts
21f004a Add support for api and persister gzip
fe38c16 Cleanup start script for stack
c0d7dd4 Make api region separately configurable from agent
2742881 Fixes dimensions for nagios plugin
11882d2 Adds the new metric_name feature to nagios plugin
ef47a1a Increase middleware timeout -- 500ms too low under load
7ec17ed Restart monasca-agent if conf file changes
619d734 Fixed generate_nagios to not override dimensions
770f44f Deliver our own startup scripts for monasca-api and monasca-thresh
69bd5b3 Fix for conflicting resource names in nagios check
b3431aa Place alarmdef dependency on monasca api
60cbf97 Further nagios plugin fix
2575e46 Group dimensions and arguments for nagios plugin
d180619 Add notification configuration
80eebab Fixes for nagios check function
b897350 Add match_by to default http_status alarm definition
f49ef47 Lower max query limit for influxdb 0.9.0
3930651 Update to agent version 1.0.24
1a75a97 Add max query limit to api config file
8dc8415 Influxdb RC11 has a minimum 1h retention policy
ea21824 Fix stack script for single node cluster
774ed1c allow dynamic persister batch size config tuning
f866a31 Support multiple persisters
840d354 Add default monasca user and role
74bd811 Gives monasca-admin user admin permissions
dbc7af4 Adds easier defining of checks for nagios plugin
0094ae8 Also make alarmdefs python deps optional
40107a1 Make python deps optional
b289eeb Remove management of /var/www
7b37ea3 Revert previous change for virtualenv
d073c8d Ensure directories for agent virtualenv exist
6c0946b Make auth method for api server dynamic, default to 'token'
91f69a9 Fixes wrong variable in nagios plugin template
3061a77 Add maxHttpConnections to persister, tail to script
58fd028 Add maxHttpConnections to api config file
f695404 Add version to monasca-api config file
8c267d4 Add script to manage stack services starts/stops
397bc86 Fix resource warnings
4ece1da Adapt to recent monasca-persister changes
9810dbb Allow dynamic setting of more db values
aad70f5 Updated config for 0.1.19 agent
15b66d2 Add variables to template
59c5bb2 Add alter statement to retention policy, add foreign key to alarm_metric
da8238a Add support for influxdb 0.9.0
9814472 Makes agent version configurable via param
808fd23 spec: pin rspec-puppet to 1.0.1
490a2b7 Removed search_string from zookeeper check setup
0e5224c Fix persister log file directory
c288288 Removes all checks unmanged by puppet
bd3b841 Add threshold engine config
13ea7d6 Changed yaml files for checks to build with concat
55052af Corrected yaml formatting for libvirt template
5b53834 Fixed monasca check group
1b2f40e Add version to keystone catalog endpoints
9f879a1 Fixes minor bugs from refactor
557c2f8 Fixed admin_name and password for api template
13888f5 Refactor to clean up duplicate resources and vars
ae99c12 Update api config file to latest bits
e5cff5c Temporary fix for duplicate resource
3317a2c Added mysql check dependency, cleaned depecrations
5bf6034 Refactored agent to not use setup script
67df066 Fix libxslt-dev reference
a6329b0 Pull in http_check.py fix in monasca-agent 0.0.14
e530fd7 Removed dashboard class
a2cfda2 Fix password for read-only user
d89bb45 Fixed checks_d directory permissions
c8df3a3 Add more libvirt plugin dependencies
f7e9ff3 Refresh with the week's changes
7a2e5d6 Refresh stackforge repo
a873c00 Changes to publish puppet-monasca to stackforge
783b32a Fixed agent/user ordering
77ac4a8 Fixed conflicting package defenitions
6fd2560 Work around for monasca libvirt metrics
7e202a1 Added monasca auth to cirrus
5528fb9 Bootstrap mysql config database
dd5e307 Config monasca processes, cleanup storm services
2f97d0e Added shard config to database creation
0968f09 Change script ownership, wait for influx to be up, fix ordering.
6505532 bootstrap influx
c3bcf10 Cleanup storm startup script to allow for noop stop
00de95a Fix dependency chain, cleanup wget caching
7a9b489 Add nimbus and kafka config
fba3a8b More storm config
f020c88 Added monasca auth class
77c9180 Setup monasca dependencies
abc3d00 Require install parms -- get from hiera/profile
37a29b9 Clean up apiserver class
4b08ed1 Added dashboard class
a3b438e Added agent class
415e03a Added files to generate api and agent configs
6dacb2f CIRRUS-1326: initial cut at storm install
28633ec Initial puppet module files
e690b24 adding initial gitreview file

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