[release-announce] [openstackansible] openstack-ansible 14.2.15 (newton)

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Mon Feb 19 15:42:22 UTC 2018

We jubilantly announce the release of:

openstack-ansible 14.2.15: Ansible playbooks for deploying OpenStack

This release is part of the newton release series.

The source is available from:


Download the package from:


For more details, please see below.


New Features

* The galera cluster now supports cluster health checks over HTTP
  using port 9200. The new cluster check ensures a node is healthy by
  running a simple query against the wsrep sync status using
  monitoring user. This change will provide for a more robust cluster
  check ensuring we have the most fault tolerant galera cluster

* Galera healthcheck has been improved, and relies on an xinetd
  service. By default, the service is unaccessible (filtered with the
  no_access directive). You can override the directive by setting any
  xinetd valid value to "galera_monitoring_allowed_source".

* HAProxy services that use backend nodes that are not in the
  Ansible inventory can now be specified manually by setting
  "haproxy_backend_nodes" to a list of "name" and "ip_addr" settings.

Known Issues

* LXD 2.0.11 grew a new feature ('description' tag for a container)
  and this has been added to the stable Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 release.
  Unfortunately, pylxd 2.0.5 can't handle this extra attribute and
  crashes out.

  For newton releases 14.2.14 and earlier, we recommend pinning the
  LXD version for all newton deployments at a version less than
  2.0.11. For newton releases 14.2.15 onwards, the newer release of
  LXD should be usable again.


  * https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-

  * https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova-lxd/+bug/1746068

* For all newton releases up to 14.2.14 when executing the os-nova-
  install.yml playbook the "nova-novncproxy" and "nova-
  spicehtml5proxy" services will fail. The workaround to resolve this
  issue is to restart the services.

     cd /opt/rpc-openstack/openstack-ansible/playbooks
     # start the service again
     # replace nova-novncproxy with nova-spicehtml5proxy when appropriate
     ansible nova_console -m service -a 'name=nova-novncproxy state=restarted'
     # set the appropriate facts to prevent the playbook trying
     # to reload it again when the playbook is run again
     ansible nova_console -m ini_file -a 'dest=/etc/ansible/facts.d/openstack_ansible.fact section=nova option=need_service_restart value=False'

  This issue has been resolved in the 14.2.15 release.

Changes in openstack-ansible 14.2.14..14.2.15

0a61c4a Bump shas before next tag
e890568 Start nova-conductor container first
2c03f9c Zuul: Remove project name
62a2e18 Update os_nova and repo_build role SHA's
4652cd0 Update all SHAs for 14.2.15
3ffd192 Bump SHA for haproxy_server role
db8e6c9 Stable keepalived priorities

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

ansible-role-requirements.yml                      | 68 +++++++++++-----------
global-requirement-pins.txt                        | 10 ++++
playbooks/common-playbooks/nova.yml                | 10 ++++
playbooks/defaults/repo_packages/gnocchi.yml       |  2 +-
.../defaults/repo_packages/openstack_services.yml  |  6 +-
playbooks/inventory/group_vars/all.yml             |  2 +-
playbooks/vars/configs/keepalived_haproxy.yml      | 12 ++--
.../notes/clustecheck-9311d05fb32f13b3.yaml        |  7 +++
.../notes/new_healthcheck-9e559565745defd0.yaml    |  7 +++
.../non_inventory_hosts-c0fa4c185a01e78b.yaml      |  6 ++
.../notes/nova-lxd-compute-579a416b6040e444.yaml   | 17 ++++++
.../nova-novncproxy-restart-8f42f8d1cb6838cb.yaml  | 18 ++++++
zuul.d/project.yaml                                |  2 -
13 files changed, 120 insertions(+), 47 deletions(-)

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