[release-announce] [nova] nova 16.1.0 (pike)

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Fri Feb 16 00:03:21 UTC 2018

We eagerly announce the release of:

nova 16.1.0: Cloud computing fabric controller

This release is part of the pike release series.

Download the package from:


For more details, please see below.


Upgrade Notes

* On AArch64 architecture "cpu_mode" for libvirt is set to "host-
  passthrough" by default.

  AArch64 currently lacks "host-model" support because neither libvirt
  nor QEMU are able to tell what the host CPU model exactly is and
  there is no CPU description code for ARM(64) at this point.

  Warning: "host-passthrough" mode will completely break live
    migration, *unless* all the Compute nodes (running libvirtd) have
    *identical* CPUs.

* Starting in Ocata, there is a behavior change where aggregate-
  based overcommit ratios will no longer be honored during scheduling
  for the FilterScheduler. Instead, overcommit values must be set on a
  per-compute-node basis in the Nova configuration files.

  If you have been relying on per-aggregate overcommit, during your
  upgrade, you must change to using per-compute-node overcommit ratios
  in order for your scheduling behavior to stay consistent. Otherwise,
  you may notice increased NoValidHost scheduling failures as the
  aggregate-based overcommit is no longer being considered.

  You can safely remove the AggregateCoreFilter, AggregateRamFilter,
  and AggregateDiskFilter from your
  "[filter_scheduler]enabled_filters" and you do not need to replace
  them with any other core/ram/disk filters. The placement query in
  the FilterScheduler takes care of the core/ram/disk filtering, so
  CoreFilter, RamFilter, and DiskFilter are redundant.

  Please see the mailing list thread for more information:

* This release contains a schema migration for the "nova_api"
  database in order to address bug 1738094:


  The migration is optional and can be postponed if you have not been
  affected by the bug. The bug manifests itself through "Data too long
  for column 'spec'" database errors.

Bug Fixes

* The "delete_host" command has been added in "nova-manage cell_v2"
  to delete a host from a cell (host mappings). The "force" option has
  been added in "nova-manage cell_v2 delete_cell". If the "force"
  option is specified, a cell can be deleted even if the cell has

* If scheduling fails during rebuild the server instance will go to
  ERROR state and a fault will be recorded. Bug 1744325


Changes in nova 16.0.4..16.1.0

cbd1402 Add release note for Aggregate[Core|Ram|Disk]Filter change
307975a Fix wrong link for "Manage Flavors" in CPU topologies doc
d91e881 live-mig: keep disk device address same
ebf4ad2 Fix pike GA prelude release note
6d1877b Query all cells for service version in _validate_bdm
c0aca1d add "--until-complete" option for nova-manage db archive_deleted_rows.
f0525e8 Unmap compute nodes when deleting host mapping
83ffc76 Don't wait for vif plug events during _hard_reboot
2d49eb8 Migrate "launch instance" user guide docs
e957da3 doc: Add user index page
b5ef3ac Bumping functional test job timeouts
bf65fdd Stop globally caching host states in scheduler HostManager
b72cefe Handle images with no data
c3f238e tests: Use correct response type in tests
274e2e6 Make sure that functional test triggered on sample changes
de7ae35 Make eventlet hub use a monotonic clock
22a39b8 Set server status to ERROR if rebuild failed
1558893 Fix false positive server group functional tests
8635151 Fixes 'Not enough available memory' log message
5684226 Fix format in live-migration-usage.rst
868ef98 Add 'delete_host' command in 'nova-manage cell_v2'
7da74a0 libvirt: Re-initialise volumes, encryptors, and vifs on hard reboot
50d8a07 libvirt: use 'host-passthrough' as default on AArch64
e2fdda2 Use UEFI as the default boot for AArch64
694d264 doc: Add configuration index page
344029b Raise MarkerNotFound if BuildRequestList.get_by_filters doesn't find marker
96acf3d Don't try to delete build request during a reschedule
b6a1a19 Fix an error in _get_host_states when deleting a compute node
db243a5 Add missing unit tests for FilterScheduler._get_all_host_states
7f8a14d Workaround missing RequestSpec.project_id when moving an instance
c86db10 Use instance.project_id when creating request specs for old instances
9adf97c Make request_spec.spec MediumText
922c95a Don't persist could-be-stale InstanceGroup fields in RequestSpec
fa36cce [placement] Fix an error message in API validation
66a7508 Retry _trait_sync on deadlock
7687dad libvirt: properly decode error message from qemu guest agent
c3eb6ea Only log not correcting allocation once per period
6522d38 Fix NoneType error when [service_user] is misconfigured
761b15f Fix TypeError in nova-manage db archive_deleted_rows
3dbcf9d Save updated libvirt domain XML after swapping volume
ed11484 Don't update RT in _allocate_network
fe91920 Handle exception on adding secgroup
a2653ac Handle InstanceNotFound when setting password via metadata
67caff6 Fix CellDatabases fixture swallowing exceptions
31b2f0a Fix instance lookup in hide_server_addresses extension
dc44c48 Pass the correct image to build_request_spec in conductor.rebuild_instance
0ebacee Import user-data page from openstack-manuals
2c77e4f Import the config drive docs from openstack-manuals
ad6208c Fix the ocata config-reference URLs
ae98607 propagate OSError to MigrationPreCheckError
d873550 Make TestRPC inherit from the base nova TestCase

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.zuul.yaml                                         |  46 +++
api-ref/source/parameters.yaml                     |   6 +-
.../admin/configuration/hypervisor-xen-api.rst     |   8 +-
.../user/launch-instance-using-ISO-image.rst       | 147 +++++++++
nova/__init__.py                                   |   5 +
nova/api/metadata/password.py                      |   6 +-
.../api/openstack/compute/hide_server_addresses.py |   5 +-
nova/api/openstack/placement/handlers/trait.py     |   6 +-
nova/cmd/manage.py                                 |  82 ++++-
nova/compute/api.py                                |  21 +-
nova/compute/manager.py                            |   1 -
nova/compute/resource_tracker.py                   |  68 +++--
nova/conductor/manager.py                          |  36 ++-
nova/conductor/tasks/live_migrate.py               |   1 +
nova/conductor/tasks/migrate.py                    |   1 +
.../versions/045_request_specs_spec_mediumtext.py  |  25 ++
nova/db/sqlalchemy/api_models.py                   |   2 +-
nova/image/glance.py                               |   6 +
nova/network/security_group/neutron_driver.py      |  10 +-
nova/objects/build_request.py                      |   5 +-
nova/objects/request_spec.py                       |  36 ++-
nova/objects/resource_provider.py                  |   1 +
nova/scheduler/filter_scheduler.py                 |  14 +-
nova/scheduler/host_manager.py                     |  28 +-
nova/service.py                                    |  13 +
nova/service_auth.py                               |  14 +
nova/test.py                                       |   7 +-
.../api/openstack/placement/gabbits/traits.yaml    |  10 +-
.../functional/regressions/test_bug_1713783.py     |   2 +-
.../unit/conductor/tasks/test_live_migrate.py      |   2 +
.../network/security_group/test_neutron_driver.py  |  39 +++
.../unit/scheduler/test_ironic_host_manager.py     |  26 +-
.../unit/virt/hyperv/test_livemigrationops.py      |  11 +
nova/virt/hardware.py                              |   6 +-
nova/virt/hyperv/livemigrationops.py               |  15 +-
nova/virt/hyperv/pathutils.py                      |  13 +-
nova/virt/libvirt/driver.py                        |  75 ++++-
nova/virt/libvirt/migration.py                     |  15 +-
...rch64-set-proper-cpu-mode-8455bad7d69dc6fd.yaml |  13 +
.../agg-resource-filters-6e24c92a69afa85f.yaml     |  22 ++
.../notes/bug-1721179-87bc7b64215944c0.yaml        |   8 +
...uest_specs.spec-migration-22d3421ea1536a37.yaml |  11 +
...4325-rebuild-error-status-9e2da03f3f81fd6e.yaml |   7 +
.../notes/pike_prelude-fedf9f27775d135f.yaml       |   2 +-
90 files changed, 2870 insertions(+), 339 deletions(-)

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