[release-announce] [tripleo] tripleo-heat-templates 7.0.9 (pike)

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Mon Feb 12 14:17:04 UTC 2018

We are gleeful to announce the release of:

tripleo-heat-templates 7.0.9: Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
with OpenStack.

This release is part of the pike release series.

The source is available from:


Download the package from:


Please report issues through launchpad:


For more details, please see below.


New Features

* This patch allows to attach optional volumes to and set optional
  environment variables in the neutron-api, heat-api and nova-compute
  containers. This makes it easier to plug plugins to that containers.

Bug Fixes

* Deployments with Ceph now honor the DeploymentServerBlacklist
  parameter. Previously, this meant that changes could still be
  triggered for servers in the blacklist.

* Added hiera for network_virtual_ips in vip_data to allow
  composable networks to be configured in puppet.

* Fixes generation public certificates for haproxy in a non-
  containerized TLS deployment scenario.

* The standalone Telemetry role at roles/Telemetry.yaml had an
  incorrect list of services. The list has been updated to remove
  services such as MySQL and RabbitMQ and the services common to all
  TripleO roles have been added.

Changes in tripleo-heat-templates 7.0.8..7.0.9

7a10c11 Sync services on roles/Telemetry.yaml
d52846e Fix the paths for the enable-internal-tls.yaml file in the ssl/ dir
2100877 Add validation task in docker services [Ceilometer]
373d984 Run cinder-backup in a privileged container
d0f744f Add rgw_keystone_implicit_tenants to ceph-ansible/ceph-base.yaml
f9c9f45 Pass blacklisted_{ip_addresses,hostnames} to major_upgrade_steps
07a5537 Allow to increase docker daemon verbosity
02a6cd7 Cinder containers: volume and env customizations
8aa6c83 Allow for optinal volumes and env variables
51cbecf Default service plugin for OpenDaylight scenario are not present
911ac2c Set permissions for openstack keyring on CephPools
d2f7b3e Fix NeutronServicePlugins parameter to match ODL L3 feature
7647003 Don't run check-tripleo OVB jobs frm RH1 anymore
ec4514e Remove httpd log dir for glance-api
d611d42 Latest Nexus Configuration Variables Updates
a965e1d Move parameter to parameter_defaults section
0e9289e Fixes generating public certificates
b9cde3e Remove RH1 OVB jobs from configuration
75a2d51 Parameterize ceph-ansible environment variables
b543878 Workflow execution blacklist support
4277b91 Fix the dellemc vmax to use the correct hiera name
4683470 Add composable network VIPs for puppet configuration

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.../scenario001-multinode-containers.yaml          |  4 +++
common/deploy-steps.j2                             |  6 ++++
common/major_upgrade_steps.j2.yaml                 |  8 +++++
environments/neutron-bgpvpn-opendaylight.yaml      |  2 +-
environments/neutron-l2gw-opendaylight.yaml        |  2 +-
environments/neutron-ml2-cisco-nexus-ucsm.yaml     |  4 ++-
.../services/haproxy-public-tls-certmonger.yaml    |  3 ++
environments/ssl/enable-internal-tls.yaml          |  8 ++---
overcloud.j2.yaml                                  | 10 ++++++
puppet/all-nodes-config.j2.yaml                    | 13 +++++++
.../all_nodes/neutron-ml2-cisco-nexus-ucsm.j2.yaml | 40 ++++++++++++++++++----
puppet/role.role.j2.yaml                           | 11 ++++++
.../cinder-backend-dellemc-vmax-iscsi.yaml         |  4 +--
puppet/services/docker.yaml                        |  5 +++
puppet/services/haproxy.yaml                       | 17 ++++++---
.../notes/bug-1741464-78403f89e9dc5d75.yaml        |  6 ++++
...ansible-blacklist-support-164b5726cc4532b7.yaml |  5 +++
.../composable-network-vips-4d7b28fa3769d38b.yaml  |  4 +++
...ix-public-cert-generation-41c75be0b07a48fe.yaml |  5 +++
.../telemetry-role-services-7dba4996aff89027.yaml  |  5 +++
roles/Telemetry.yaml                               | 16 ++++++---
sample-env-generator/ssl.yaml                      |  8 ++---
zuul.d/layout.yaml                                 |  2 --
34 files changed, 274 insertions(+), 50 deletions(-)

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