[release-announce] [kuryr] kuryr-libnetwork 0.1.0

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Wed Mar 22 10:12:37 UTC 2017

We are chuffed to announce the release of:

kuryr-libnetwork 0.1.0: Docker libnetwork driver for OpenStack Neutron

This is the first release of kuryr-libnetwork.

The source is available from:


Download the package from:


Please report issues through launchpad:


For more details, please see below.


New Features

* Support creating an IPv6 subnet from Docker client. Users can pass
  --ipv6 and IPv6 subnet attribute in CLI.

* Support creating a Docker network with existing subnetpool. Users
  can use the option "neutron.pool.name" to specify the name of
  existing neutron subnetpool.

Known Issues

* Docker version 1.12 and 1.13 have problem to pass ipv6 tag [1],
  according to this limitation, current support is for dual-stack
  only. [1] https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/28055

Upgrade Notes

* The semantic of the option "neutron.pool.name" is changed. This
  option was used to specify a custom name of the creating subnetpool,
  and now it is used to specify the name of a pre-existing subnetpool.
  As a result, subnetpools created with custom name in before are now
  treated as external resources and won't be cleanup on deletion.
  Users need to cleanup the resources manually.

Bug Fixes

* In before, creating a container with an existing Neutron port that
  has both ipv4 and ipv6 would fail. For example:

  $ docker run --net=dualnet -itd --name=container --ip
     --ip6 fe80::8 busybox

  ... docker: Error response from daemon: IpamDriver.RequestAddress:
  Requested ip address {'subnet_id': u'xxx', 'ip_address': u'fe80::8'}
  already belongs to a bound Neutron port: XXX.

  This was fixed in this release (Bug #1668803).

Other Notes

* Started using reno for release notes.

Changes in kuryr-libnetwork 6b9a66c79db24ffae0b304a632a0098c89b59d0c..0.1.0

5bcaa03 Updated from global requirements
19dcc7a Adding Openstack support for Xenial
167448a Process v6 pool's uuid option in create_network
db94068 Reset neutron existing port on release_address
f3f2e18 Add fullstack test for containers with dual-net
cb30537 Fix N536 hacking check
048d69a Add support for specified v6 subnetpool
db67818 Add fullstack test for IPv6 subnet
5188ec2 Add support kuryr IPv6 subnet
61e3146 Make port bind on dual-stack port
01f9047 Add docs for IPv6 address pool
a373982 Handle containers with both ipv4 & ipv6
daa3489 Refactor the logic of updating existing port
42465a9 Split the test of requesting specific address
2e6f4cd Support creating network with pool uuid
9e99cc0 Support creating from existing subnetpool
1033c97 Filter Neutron existing port in ipam_release_address
759643e Allow requesting pool with ipv6 cidr
f96605c Add default log_file and log_dir in kuryr-libnetwork docker image
68789ce Use oslo_log to instead of app.logger
babfc9a [Fix gate]Update test requirement
34344b0 Fixed the module of DuplicatedResourceException
7ed7d56 Retrieve gateway_ip from the right subnet
90d48b2 Optimize the search of subnets on release_address
1fd2101 Pass located tests directory in oslo debug
abe2273 avoid unnecessary neutron api call in revoke_expose_ports
9ffede1 Move docs from kuryr to kuryr-libnetwork
5eec46d Optimize the search of subnet
879f42f Fix build releasenotes error
5d87c99 Fix mac address inconsistencies in neutron and docker
81d532a Moving from device_owner to tagging
c7d9e54 Consolidate logic of getting pool cidr
ef323b8 Remove mox method
2fff7b3 Remove unsupported connect route
b5bbbb3 Use Neutron tag-ext extension
3fc96ac Modify fake v4 subnet result
a221800 Add reno support to kuryr-libnetwork
1e3d164 Tls support configurations
e1f1d0e README: fix nested container rendering
0d81e45 Add nested-containers limitations
07041ab Remove subnetpool_id tag for Neutron existing subnet
2979ccf Ensure subports are deleted after container deletion
3a16bb0 Typo fix: happend => happened
b079b92 Optimize add subnetpool tag
c74d18d Updated from global requirements
9cdb9a3 Add --gateway to README network create examples
01b5b55 Add subnetpool_id tag for existing Neutron subnet
d6c47de Nested-Containers: trunk subports management
d568f99 Remove unnecessary checks in CreateNetwork
99ac3b0 H402 hacking have been deprecated
a1938f5 Remove _get_fake_subnet
91ae299 Fullstack test for request(release) pool and address
b1b19f1 Cleanup of mox from kuryr
466d715 Unittest with mock
4af7e1c Delete port created by kuryr
6f425ab Fix the typo in comment
09f11aa Driver based model for kuryr-libnetwork
678dafb Delete kuryr-subnet in existing Neutron network
2d85f79 Fix misleading info in CreateNetwork
ea1ba68 Fix bug in ipam_release_address
b5f25cd Replace six.iteritems() with .items()
3a33edb fix tox -e genconfig
4f52437 Update translations
0d46115 Fix default subnetpool assignments from config file
3e884a5 OS_HOST_IP is not working, replacing with HOST_IP
0e5b420 Fix the check of docker installation
93db824 Fix missing subnetpool_id in neutron subnet
af92828 Delete deprecated Hacking in tox.ini
56d288f Move interface creation and deletion
6fe9d4f Unittest with mock
4ffb8d8 Unittests with mock
8e7f70d Temporary cleanup remove_container method in Rally job
5236a7a Unittests with Mock and add a TestCase
3fbe73d Unittest with mock
6da9a63 Unittests with mock
1ff8688 Updated from global requirements
6ff465a Fix the file permissions of README.rst
47dd3b7 Unitttests with mock
b7f8f23 Build docker busybox image locally
3713b3e Show team and repo badges on README
b9aced2 Fullstack: Catch neutron-client exception and cleanup resources
465ab9b Fullstack: Using the credentials from openrc config file
e639023 Unittests with Mock and added a TestCase
9f525a0 Bump tox min version to 2.3.1
fa7f51f Using import_exceptions from kuryr-lib
398e1d3 Enable neutron qos in default vagrant devstack local.conf.sample
e8dc29c [TrivialFix] Replace DeleteEndpoint with Leave in debug
88c64a8 Replaces uuid.uuid4 with uuidutils.generate_uuid()
f704f73 Measure performance of docker create/delete container with/without kuryr.
0e56325 Add Rally test to measure docker create/delete network with/without kuryr.
b13b01f Unittests with Mock
c46ebb0 Update file mode 777->664
2f19a2c kuryr-libnetwork rally test job error log
68edfea use kuryr-lib master code by default in kuryr-libnetwork vagrant
98246fa Vagrant: Fix example for OVN
75f1577 Optimize add security group rules for exposed ports
9b40586 requirements: depend on last released kuryr-lib
df719a3 Add cover directory produced after coverage run in .gitignore
5485c24 Fix tox -e cover in kuryr-libnetwork
30f0456 Check overlapping subnet cidr when creating subnetpool
9a08de4 Update the kuryr-libnetwork repository
ab74856 tox: Install like other OpenStack projects
881ce72 [TrivialFix] Fix README
368c8c4 call start in sys.exit(start()) instead of start()
14e8eaf Using kuryr-lib constants
b23cc91 move to python3.3+ ipaddress backport
5214e66 unit_tests: do not base our tests on neutronclient
9a78460 Fix wrong package install
5a62a48 Using the credentials from the config file.
f01aee5 devstack: use admin role
2e5f1e1 - Adding the limitation for Docker 1.12 - Adding config options for using with Keystone version 2.0 - Adding some of the features
76e994e Implement get endpoint operational info
088bddc Links do not point to any document
70f9f46 devstack: Make docker also listen to its socket
6f6ff11 container: Build the container from tree not git
739ed88 Modify fullstack tests
e27c794 Update bindir path relative to distro distutils
d1353b3 auth: Add keystonev3 support
d094a1d Trival: Remove 'MANIFEST.in'
e41bad8 Add option to fetch kuryr uri from env
eebbac4 Docker Daemon should use port 2375 instead of 23750 at some places
ca40ced Update plugin loading for devstack
bd4ccb0 Fix Rally test job in kuryr-libnetwork
0bfd421 Update home page link in cfg file
a05cc6f Fix wrong dir in post_test_hook.sh
92353e6 Move kuryr_libnetwork/common/* to kuryr_libnetwork
7d2133d tools: config_file_generation
bf1fc58 Duplicate utils code in kuryr-lib and kuryr-libnetwork
dda19cd Update requirements and test-requirements
820c98e Set up MTU docker interface
72e3899 kuryr-server process does not start up with devstack
f68e48c Fix oslo-config-generator failed in kuryr-libnetwork
b8c724c Fix no log in /var/log/kuryr/kuryr.log
1851db3 Use generic config options from kuryr-lib
5b453c5 Fix config file generation
af26c7e versioning: let pbr handle versioning from tags
75cf792 wheels: support building universal wheels
1963cb4 requirements: fix to point to upstream
3f2362b Remove pyroute2 in kuryr-libnetwork requirement.txt
588681c Fix URL in README.rst
cf5cbee Fix hard-code listen ip ""
3e4e6a6 RequestAddress when subnet has not been created
47a6065 trivial: nosetest .xml removal as testr is used now
14f694c vif_plugging_timeout = 0 should mean endless retry
ecedb16 Remove pep8 exclusion for VMware
c654768 Enable DeprecationWarning in test environments
f105629 Add debug log for all the IpamDriver and NetworkDriver.
eb3f8af Remove etcd directory in uninstall
2cbb773 Fix pip install error for kuryr-libnetwork
4a5cc8b Kuryr Devstack installation has incorrect path in plugin
d78ceff Fix the ERROR message of controllers.py
1335bfa Fix devstack installation for kuryr-libnetwork
f012544 Update setup.cfg for kuryr-libnetwork
183074a docs: minor changes for grammar and clarity
ae42fdc doc: rst improvements
bfa3e2c Fix typos for Kuryr
64e20aa Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv
ad75de7 The kuryr default port has changed from 2377/2375 to 23750, we also need to change it in all file.
6ff2f4e Update kuryr/tests to kuryr_libnetwork/tests in all files.
b79af46 Update kuryr developer readme
fd904a6 Adding support for existing Neutron ports
11ba013 The Docker "expose" option allows that a port-range and protocol be specified through the "docker run" command:   docker run --net=my_kuryr_net --expose=1234-1238/udp -it ubuntu This patch set implements this feature by using Neutron security groups.
fb5e6d9 Doc-cleanup: remove redundant documentation
9c94d3c Drop common code and add kuryr_lib as requirement
8953d58 Update gitreview file
608b06d Updated from global requirements
e2cd262 Update README regarding overlapping cidr limitation
709fede Short-Term fix for overlapping cidrs using docker options
4dc7caf Waiting for Neutron port to become ACTIVE
2771177 contrib/vagrant: fix env vars type conversion
16bfca4 Rename spec directory to newton
9be3bf3 Remove mox from test_config.py
4d36c30 Add existed network failed if the gateway already created
098c313 Correct some misspell words in Kuryr
b9df98e Add container connect/disconnect tests to fullstack gate job
7cea99a requirements: upgrade to latest pyroute2
54448b0 Add default subnetpools to configuration
157747a Add meaningful default address-space names
d64d597 Updated from global requirements
0db8c87 Fix .rst format in kuryr_k8s_integration.rst
8b9bc42 Releasing address for the gateway address
d36aad5 Fix typos in the watcher desing devref
e9bcdd0 Fixes problem with flask 0.11
73c7cde Fix style issues in existing-neutron-network spec
c316f2f Add the description of the Endpoints
bc5429c Update index.rst for watcher devref
bdcd788 Move the description of the pool member creation
83fb434 Eliminate unecessary ", or" in watcher design devref
a7cabac Fix the link to K8s integration doc
43e6ae2 Fix ReadMe for config file generation info
53b4324 [TryFix] Fix fullstack test error Use kuryr ipam driver in fullstack test.
8555973 Using LOG.warning instead of LOG.warn
be4832c Kuryr did not detect neutron tag plugin in devstack
a98929c Updated from global requirements
f2b06f6  Miss oslo common option in kuryr config file
edc0f87 Unify log format
27106f5 Fix run docker error on the network with host route
ef6ab46 Docker can create network with tag neutron.net.name/neutron.net.uuid. When the tag with a wrong value, for example, wrong uuid or name, Kuryr should return error.
d32f09f Do not attempt to re-install docker, regardless of its running status
80d2ca8 Fix the style of Raven devref
fb22429 Remove log_level as kuryr is using oslo_log now
3dcb207 Add proper space in error log message.
51de781 Remove app.debug as we do not use it any more.
6fdd50a Trivial doc fixes
437a081 startup: Fix Kuryr initialization
a1d03d4 Check vif_type if supported in kuryr
7b5c5dd Makes tap device name consistent
5b1afb1 [Tryfix] Increase the default RAM in vagrantfile
f2b9d44 Install new 'tap' driver file
862a579 Updated from global requirements
3704883 Improve documentation
f611096 Change default scope to local in code comments.
2883a75 Adding support for two new libnetwork methods
7f4146e containerization: Add dockerfile
ff6707d Eliminate duplicate logic to generate ID's for tests
7aa20ff Add missing files to the install script
ce2b81f Revise Vagrant install readme notes estimated run time
711d5bc Enable the change of docker-engine and etcd listen TCP port in devstack
cc05a7b Adding support for OVS Hybrid binding
24eb145 Shrink logo size
c97af83 Add support for VIF_TYPE_TAP
73043cd Switch to using hacking checks from neutron-lib
07dca2a Activate libnetwork plugin with .spec instead of .json
0b0af3d Add devref of Raven
4f537b5 Makes use of Neutron tags optional
75d27a1 Adds support fot IpamDriver.GetCapabilities
849f32e Vagrant: Allow running the "docker" command as the vagrant user
d45a1cf README.md: Cleanup documentation
eefe1db Fix ovs creation of the port
45edc61 Modify run_kuryr.sh to accepts arguments
409cffa Add oslo.log and use its config options by default
02b9558 Make logging level configurable
9e6c237 Fix pyroute2 exceptions import
b16fe04 Updated from global requirements
53bde0a Fix warning for docs generation
7b5cce4 Fix wrong example in existing-neutron-network.rst
68f1e01 Updated from global requirements
cf536ef Add notice to remind user to install tox
e53e6e5 Fix pep8 errors
923a8af Fix some link problem in existing-neutron-network.rst
7dba650 Fix typos in Kuryr files
7d27a59 Add spec of blueprint existing-neutron-network
b25eca0 Support for existing Neutron nets
7058bc5 Add specificaton for kubernetes integration
e690487 Using Neutron Tags
c96032e Only install docker in case it is not installed
5107602 Noted other requirements for generating documentation
98b2cec Make IPDB and IPRoute calls indirect
0d4a5aa Add rally case for create and delete network
641b9d1 Update the Running Kuryr part doc
26ccb44 Modify run_kuryr.sh for more clear output
fd0ceb3 Networking for nested containers
894d2b7 Add PLUMgrid/IOvisor binding for Kuryr
332889c Expose additional vif params to bind/unbind scripts
aeefbff Updated from global requirements
a5aeafb Expose horizon on Vagrant guest to localhost port 8080
7f0304b plugin.sh stops docker service rather than kill docker daemon.
2675f6b Virtualbox now uses 'ubuntu/trusty64' instead of 'trusty'
8639dc0 Updated from global requirements
bc371f2 Renaming service from docker-engine to docker to fix 'vagrant up'
4b43743 Add binding script for LB
cf2853a Add the kuryr plugin for rally
d94b797 Remove tox from requirements
06134e4 Adds config options for using SSL
ba61527 Add upstart config file
811de8e Make use of one instance of IPDB
a3531d0 Modify external_ids in /usr/libexec/kuryr/ovs
a35f137 Wrap public strings with i18n
1d96dee make scope retrievable from env vars
4e2b4d4 Remove support for Python 3.3
4670033 devstack: Workaround shebang insanities
8741540 The device_id and device_owner of neutron port are null
881afd9 Try to fix gate-install-dsvm-kuryr error. gate-install-dsvm-kuryr is failed since yesterday afternoon in all kuryr patch.
e3f63e8 Use uppercase 'S' in word "OpenStack"
da17b8d Fix misspellings
69b79e6 Check the return net list before deleting
5cf2adf requirements: neutronclient subnetpool support
6069371 requirements: add missing os-client-config
5fc60a4 Fix invalid url
6299860 Support py34 in Kuryr
4f6b746 Adjust underline length and change default scope to local
685d66b Revert "Use assertTrue/False instead of assertEqual(T/F)"
79a47e4 config: Default "enable_dhcp" to True
672906e Add "sudo" to the instruction for running Kuryr
382e1d4 Add report to coverage
e74ed72 Remove 'MANIFEST.in'
7f46663 Fix term inside the spec
3b64abc Fixed typo in README.rst
fc9d7dd Change i18n to _i18n
7af4f17 Fix missing tox in the requirement file
a5d8038 remove unused variable
8b96c1e /NetworkDriver.CreateNetwork: Handle 'Gateway' parameter properly
e1d1050 Update the invalid URL.
5917f40 Fix /NetworkDriver.CreateNetwork validation
8727ac6 Add debug testenv in tox
b071d75 Clean up removed hacking rule from [flake8] ignore lists
38a2760 Fix wrong checking code
5d106eb Fix /NetworkDriver.CreateEndpoint, port updation API not working
6f7c085 Missing host name when creating port
561780e Add description about the IPAM to devref
e15f9b6 Add check to handle case when --gateway not given
992630a Use assertTrue/False instead of assertEqual(T/F)
cab6838 Use dhcp_enable config option
255ce9e Code refactoring: /NetworkDriver.DeleteNetwork & /NetworkDriver.DeleteEndpoint
39d4dc2 Fix docker-py lib version from 1.4.0+ to 1.5.0+
4e29c16 Update the help str of keystone opts
7d9d81d Change capability_scope default value to local
7a128a4 Add Makefile to generate the doc, and add steps into README
17ed107 Add Kuryr network creation/deletion tests
ba65994 Change url from http to https in local.conf.sample
6d5ebc0 Add debug flag in the config
268e342 Remove openstack-common.conf from Kuryr
ff86131 /NetworkDriver.CreateEndpoint cleanup
01a5657 Allow for user specified local.conf changes with Vagrant
e5ab46d Create Neutron client from cloud credentials
9df9f1e Create subnets in /NetworkDriver.CreateNetwork using IPv4Data and IPv6Data
a6513a5 Configure Docker engine to listen to TCP port
9558633 Address comments regarding test hook scripts
1f86c28 Change generator config file from tox to oslo-config-generator
6864eb9 remove python 2.6 trove classifier
1d40200 Let kuryr server start using port from config
07687f4 Make ./stack.sh optional
9d789cd Fix the unbind_port method in libexec of ovs.
1fafa2c Add Docker pluggable IPAM implementation to Kuryr
e82c253 Make the script run on RedHat-like OS
1bbfb6a Create Kuryr subnet pool in the devstack process
3f725f2 Keep the same format with other usage: capitalize the head letter
0a8a533 Allow rpm-based machines
46f10d0 Cosmetic and configurable changes on Vagranfile
d63fd9e Let all version info be read from the setup.cfg
494fca6 Adding version for neutronclient
50e06ad Add neutron client to base fullstack test
c764cce Delete etcd DB data every stack
677252f Use reno for release notes
cd00bd5 Add test hooks for Kuryr gate job
de6cb70 Add base class test for Kuryr fullstack testing
4992cf8 Make sure correct branch of Neutron is pulled on testing
f90577d Add rally integration point
16894b1 Add kuryr auto generated conf files to gitignore
922ace7 Add a unit test for /NetworkDriver.GetCapabilities
1eb7480 Add missing descriptions about tests for Discover APIs
3dccf60 Replace full-width quotes with half-width quotes
0e45ee4 Separate unit tests from fullstack tests
6d9545f Using direct kwargs instead of a dict creation/destroy
6198e2c Adding plug/unplug for OVS
2f46863 Completing the basic configuration for Kuryr
c9110b5 Replace hardcoded port name generation with function
0874327 Remove unnecessary constants
cd42146 Fix typo in binding.py: Neutorn --> Neutron
d0bfe7a Fix typo in error msg: happend --> happened
fc70da1 Fix unnecessary defined internal variable
fdb9dbc Delete python bytecode before every test run
de257bf Fix H405 violations
e49a56a Use assertIn and assertNotIn
4bd27cc Change ETCD version
622c219 Correct location of auto-generated config file
bacb8e0 Add docker-py to requierments
d4cbe63 vagrant: add support for the libvirt provider
64bce32 Adding binding option to config auto generation
fc2afcf Add docstring for plugin_activate
eb5b546 Add docstring for plugin_scope
32f1b3f Adding support for Discovery calls
8269cee Fix docstring in network_driver_create_network
82c22c7 Fix the inspected network info in devref
58057cd Fix Kuryr devstack plugin
a68600f Integrate devstack plugin with Vagrant setup
e8b93b8 Add Kuryr devstack plugin
c5c2c08 Remove AuxAddresses from the required properties
eb15420 Fix the scope of Kuryr in the devref
445c7ad Fix Kuryr icon size
147dc92 Add Kuryr logo to documents
99897cc Cleanups to Vagrant documentation and scripts
db80d0e Add IPv4Data and IPv6Data to the schema for the network
2a712c0 Refactor Vagrantfile to allow other providers
acd35ba Modify unbound script executable
181f2bf Create subnets with dhcp disabled
7dfecfd Check subnetpool extension support
81a89f2 Fix /NetworkDriver.CreateEndpoint validation
73f631d Fix /NetworkDriver.CreateEndpoint return value form
95a91fb Configure "global" as default capability
5e8571e Add specs directory to Kuryr
d1f4272 Fix one typo
6f680fb Implement /NetworkDriver.Leave
fa7fed0 Add the validation for /NetworkDriver.Leave
61a0350 Implement /NetworkDriver.Join
31c27f0 Cleanup the Kuryr documentation
e121037 Add Kuryr Mitaka milestone spec
8c809ab Use assertIn and assertNotIn
d510d33 Update devref to catchup with libnetwork 0.5.0
6051d64 Code refactoring: Remove redundant lines of code
dd1a0ce Fix /NetworkDriver.Join api validation
16250e9 Add device_owner while creating neutron port.
3401e47 Update desc in /NetworkDriver.Join json schema
ab0c782 Update vagrant support to use docker 1.9.0 rather experimental
15b3cfa Add get_neutron_port_name
6787e0e Add a workaround for null Interface in /NetworkDriver.CreateEndpiont
8fabf1e Update Kuryr to catch up with libnetwork 0.5.0
cd8d580 Modify the maximum length of subnets contain the same EndpointID
28f3569 Fix Kuryr to create the default subnets and return allocated CIDRs
2b03783 Fix /NetworkDriver.CreateEndpoint to return allocated IP addreses
c2a1464 Fix /NetworkDriver.CreateEndpoint to handle the empty Interfaces
c115e5a Modify Kuryr not to delete the default subnets
ea02211 Remove allocation_pools in the subnet request against Neutron
043c608 Add subnet mock staticmethods to TestKuryrBase for refactoring
88c10dc Fix Kuryr check the length of networks and subnets correctly
036cf9d Add files to enable demo kuryr setup using Vagrant
40719f7 Fix a typo in an error message
9015813 Exclude tests from coverage
5b9024e Modify KuryrException extend Exception appropriately
7a4838a Add traceback error
e3bdc76 Supports capabilities required by libnetwork
0022260 Allow empty Options for create netwok
c2db302 Fix the command for service publishing
40e2e96 Add entry point for kuryr-server
53e6df1 Refactor kuryr/__init__.py not to use objects but modules.
1949400 Remove unnecessary duplicated logic
e5837d7 Using config options
6cff4b8 Move fake response generators to the base class
b07205b Add log message for unexpected errors
5826072 Fix subnet querying to use the subnet CIDR
7301bf2 Adding configurations for Kuryr
e4e29c4 Activate pep8 check that _ is imported
b3dd4db Refactor schemata not to import objects but modules
5a855e0 Refactor tests/test_kuryr_endpoint.py not to import objects but modules
bdd2e6c Add the validation for /NetworkDriver.Join
eed2bba Using Neutron directory organization
cbe0734 Add get_sandbox_key to utils.py
2eaf802 Refactor tests/test_kuryr.py not to import objects but modules
49bc05a Refactor tests/base.py not to import objects but modules
d62387a Refactor utils.py not to import objects but modules
3d52fbd Refactor controllers.py not to import objects but modules
c97a197 Add the validation for /NetworkDriver.DeleteEndpoint
4fc8c0e Add the validation for /NetworkDriver.CreateEndpint
348eef7 Add the validation for /NetworkDriver.DeleteNetwork
a1d65ed Add the validation for /NetworkDriver.CreateNetwork
c7e49bb Implement /NetworkDriver.DeleteEndpoint
daaa97f Implement /NetworkDriver.CreateEndpoint
11b9dc1 Change the tear down mechanism for Kuryr tests
26fd76d Add missing index to {} for logger
2ea22a3 Wrap readme to 80 chars
e3383a6 Enable keystone password authentication
cf848f9 Stop unneeded cloning of Neutron during CI
9462a6c Move _mock_out_network to TestKuryrBase
d78d63d Implement /NetworkDriver.DeleteNetwork
2eafbe5 Refactor the test for /NetworkDriver.CreateNetwork
d5cd2d0 Add design and devref section in documentation
6272cd2 Removing unused dependency: discover
4b7dde2 Implement /NetworkDriver.CreateNetwork
50b9f43 Modify class structures for tests
d82c621 Update description about /NetworkDriver.EndpointOperInfo
7978cfa Add JSON payload in the design doc
13bcc4f Add an initial design doc
88fe57c Add python-neutronclient to the dependencies
8c73ab3 Add basic tests for Kuryr
4b4cf82 Add an instruction for tests
56e4bb5 Delete duplicated test files
3de2404 Add constants
8f734e6 Update README.rst
49680fa Add a script to start Kuryr
e6ed45f Add basic structures of libnetwork remote driver
a8dd46e Add entrypoint of Kuryr
57d0787 Add Kuryr description to README
7b8dc9f Add dependencies to requirements.txt
6627774 Fixed a tiny but silly typo.
028ed59 Add .gitignore file
c98b0a5 Initial template commit

Requirements updates

diff --git a/requirements.txt b/requirements.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..1f3bacb
--- /dev/null
+++ b/requirements.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,18 @@
+# The order of packages is significant, because pip processes them in the order
+# of appearance. Changing the order has an impact on the overall integration
+# process, which may cause wedges in the gate later.
+Babel>=2.3.4 # BSD
+Flask!=0.11,<1.0,>=0.10 # BSD
+ipaddress>=1.0.7;python_version<'3.3' # PSF
+jsonschema!=2.5.0,<3.0.0,>=2.0.0 # MIT
+kuryr-lib>=0.4.0 # Apache-2.0
+neutron-lib>=1.3.0 # Apache-2.0
+os-client-config>=1.22.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.concurrency>=3.8.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.config>=3.22.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.log>=3.11.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.utils>=3.20.0 # Apache-2.0
+pbr>=2.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-neutronclient>=5.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+six>=1.9.0 # MIT
diff --git a/test-requirements.txt b/test-requirements.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..ca2ff01
--- /dev/null
+++ b/test-requirements.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,18 @@
+# The order of packages is significant, because pip processes them in the order
+# of appearance. Changing the order has an impact on the overall integration
+# process, which may cause wedges in the gate later.
+coverage>=4.0 # Apache-2.0
+ddt>=1.0.1 # MIT
+docker-py>=1.8.1 # Apache-2.0
+hacking!=0.13.0,<0.14,>=0.12.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.serialization>=1.10.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslosphinx>=4.7.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslotest>=1.10.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-subunit>=0.0.18 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+reno>=1.8.0 # Apache-2.0
+sphinx>=1.5.1 # BSD
+testrepository>=0.0.18 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+testscenarios>=0.4 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+testtools>=1.4.0 # MIT

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