[release-announce] [tripleo] instack-undercloud 6.0.0 (ocata)

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Wed Mar 8 12:29:49 UTC 2017

We are psyched to announce the release of:

instack-undercloud 6.0.0: instack-undercloud

This release is part of the ocata release series.

The source is available from:


Download the package from:


Please report issues through launchpad:


For more details, please see below.


New Features

* Add new plugins for lldp processing ("lldp_basic") and switch port
  link information ("local_link_connection") to "processing_hooks" in

Changes in instack-undercloud

e712d17 Move Docker registry setup into its own profile
cfeebb1 Revert "Turn off propagation for undercloud logger"
56bf795 Return 1 when an error occurs
b5925eb Set instance audit settings so nova sends notifications
44169b1 Allow to teardown Telemetry services
ecc2306 Install Ironic inspector plugins
746343d Set project name explicitly to service for panko
4d5eee6 Update .gitreview for stable/ocata
e04ac53 Reduce required memory check to 7.5GB
1d2f36a Fix insufficient memory error message
66d12cc Disallow IP changes on undercloud update
014cb5b Stop using deprecated mockpatch module
86492f6 Add py35 to tox envlist
d85b11c Fix ntp configuration.
6b38be4 Bump required undercloud memory to 8 GB
35312d5 Add last missing release notes before Ocata release
ee1a836 nova: start compute after keystone endpoints/services
e28f501 Turn off propagation for undercloud logger
1f325e5 Remove image_path option
2ccd050 Fix ironic-related deprecations
8222fe1 Reduce memcached memory usage
599d5b1 Explicitly configure credentials used by ironic to access glance
ef82a2f Remove backslash from awk command in stackrc
4bd5cd5 Typo fix: occured => occurred
578599f Increase sync timeout for nova db syncs
4d58e77 Stop deploying Nova API in WSGI with Apache
03d5cd9 Clear any previous environment in stackrc
3dc0557 Add additional proxy and config endpoints for UI
0b02f14 Fix initialization of novaclient
f4db8c8 Add a pre-upgrade online_data_migration step for undercloud
3b7e367 Move handling keys for hieradata template completely to instack_undercloud module
4194764 Disable the deprecation warnings as errors for puppet-syntax
450e46d Add a release note regarding inspector switch to mysql from sqlite
f6771ac Remove ramdisk rebuild from overcloud-full element
6fdde18 Stop setting deprecated enable_setting_ipmi_credentials option
cf0c95b Set discovery_default_driver=pxe_ipmitool and add missing release note
8916a4a Configure listen address/port for novajoin
c504a91 Ammend the completion and error message to signal an upgrade
350aeaf Allow enabling node auto-discovery on the undercloud
ad47a3c Run cell v2 setup differently for upgrades
48dbd2f nova: create basic setup for cells
147209c Update release notes to include aodh db changes
ccfc56d Ensure Aodh uses its own mysql db
811ea33 Add release notes for Ocata 6.0.0
84f58a1 Deprecate instack-virt-setup
3f6a345 Remove setup-neutron
91015d8 Run yum clean before yum update
dbc50a1 Add Reno support
6a73374 placement: fix auth_url
25ecc19 Remove Glance Registry from undercloud
83892b8 Fix typo in undercloud.py
e465ca4 Remove enable_(mistral|zaqar) options
9c6424d Validate vips when generating certificate too
948b047 ntp: make sure chrony is purged before
1f0cee9 Add missing FW rules for Placement API
61ef526 Remove store events setting
ad1076f Add panko service to undercloud
2c93df4 ssh: use tripleo profile to deploy SSH
35759b7 Initialize gnocchi::keystone::auth on undercloud
a661b6d Improve upgrade process to include upgrade flag
bbbb908 Adds the nova db online data migrations to the list of db sync
3148821 Deploy Nova Placement API on the undercloud
267d9b1 Add code to support novajoin in the undercloud
3f83f39 Revert "Add cell_v2 simple_cell_setup"
5549778 Keep Ceilometer api enabled for Ocata Undercloud
039eb66 Revert "Add code to support novajoin in the undercloud"
a507648 nova: use new wsgi class
9eb86c2 Install also Cinder V2 and V3 endpoints when Cinder is enabled
ec628cf Explicitly open port 443 for the TripleO UI
15eb78e export OS_BAREMETAL_API_VERSION in stackrc
3a12ee6 Add code to support novajoin in the undercloud
53f8f21 H803 hacking have been deprecated
4f17279 Add cell_v2 simple_cell_setup
cf904e0 mysql: remove 'test' default database
ff95ae6 Set fernet max_active_keys to 2
fc7f42f Add a generic failure message on exception
92ed8fd Revert "Switch mistral to use authtoken configuration"
853b4bf Run `yum update -y` before Puppet run
9031dcf Fix bashate errors and warnings (lint)
4b4d4bd Disable legacy ceilometer api
0077a78 Add gnocchi support on undercloud
0cb4fbd Switch mistral to use authtoken configuration
e33c91e Optional Cinder support for undercloud
d351a9e Set Ironic cleaning network to ctlplane
450f756 Update network_cidr config option doc
2e88f18 Add option to set undercloud dns nameserver
0a316cb Fix package update cases
924e1b8 Changed author and author-email
32d2d16 Show team and repo badges on README
34ec264 Increase the default number of workers for heat engine
34b89d7 Fix docker registry firewall rule
a38b0ad Remove deprecated network range
0e30430 Only erase disk metadata if automated cleaning is enabled
55eab21 Set heat.conf max_nested_stack_depth = 6
b42de57 Stop pinning Glance API
0a85391 Configure undercloud docker for insecure registry
5867272 Fix pep8 job
d11a5ee Pass keystone configuration via hiera
6ab2fd4 Move glance_api_servers conf for nova to hiera
4ce1042 Configure keystone ec2 conf for heat behind haproxy
4ee68a5 Increase Mistral Task Size limit
811d174 Open firewall port for the TripleO UI
90f7f54 Make inspection also respect whether iPXE is enabled
f0494e4 Increase the timeout for the default plan creation
f3fd1e3 Prevent pxe_ilo driver from guessing the boot mode to use
c677aa8 Allow setting enabled drivers in the configuration
0564ee2 Add option to not update packages during undercloud install
0fa4ab8 Fix generated sample config
67a04a1 Fix deprecated variables in puppet
3c366c9 Enable docker-registry haproxy endpoint
c9c9447 Install, enable docker service
b8585c5 Bind docker-registry to controller_host
7d0abea apache: Remove product informations
312f42a Disable Swift auditors and replicators on the undercloud
1b89f5b Remove instack-create-overcloudrc
a370e16 Only create the Mistral config env if it doesn't exist
ee5f25a Tune number of workers for undercloud
76489f7 Switch Ironic to use local boot by default for all nodes
7c24207 Run ceilometer api under wsgi on undercloud
0c5b729 Make the snmpd_readonly_user_password available to Mistral
625a4ab Enable validations by default
1aae46b Enable telemetry services by default on undercloud
d80a144 Fix default Swift ring partition power
04c2cff start ironic-(api|inspector) after Keystone_endpoint
5673306 Revert "Stop pinning Glance API version on stackrc"
c9e5485 Switch to use Puppet Openstack spec helper
2c7c869 correctly spell yaql_limit_iterators
b477a6e Open instack-undercloud for Ocata
e5655b0 Pin beaker due to ruby requirement
a78a5fb Make HAProxy terminate OpenStack internal/admin endpoints
045f1f1 Clean up validation error message
1510844 Use same logging format for file and stream
562632f Switch ironic-inspector to mysql
b2e5648 Stop pinning Glance API version on stackrc

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.gitignore                                         |   3 +
.gitreview                                         |   2 +-
Gemfile                                            |  27 +-
README.md                                          |   7 +
Rakefile                                           |   2 +-
.../post-install.d/90-rebuild-ramdisk              |   6 -
.../install.d/02-puppet-stack-config               |  21 +-
.../configure.d/50-puppet-stack-config             |   2 +-
.../puppet-stack-config/puppet-stack-config.pp     | 352 +++++++++-----
.../puppet-stack-config.yaml.template              | 315 ++++++++++---
.../os-apply-config/root/stackrc                   |  36 +-
.../root/tripleo-undercloud-passwords              |   1 +
.../post-configure.d/98-undercloud-setup           |  58 +--
instack_undercloud/__init__.py                     |  18 +
instack_undercloud/undercloud.py                   | 513 ++++++++++++++++-----
instack_undercloud/validator.py                    |  36 +-
releasenotes/notes/6.0.0-7413b6a7cecc00b6.yaml     |  25 +
.../add-additional-endpoints-96cb28a13c79e9d9.yaml |   5 +
...recate-instack-virt-setup-0e76669d1e068408.yaml |   3 +
.../disallow-ip-changes-bde0e2528544c71b.yaml      |  11 +
.../fix_ntp_configuration-1a74dd4e02a622f5.yaml    |   5 +
...nspector-additional-hooks-9a5c8f5aad2bac31.yaml |   6 +
.../notes/inspector-mysql-0985b0bc920c8b34.yaml    |   9 +
releasenotes/notes/ipmi-cred-7d3b52a2618b66f7.yaml |   6 +
.../notes/node-discovery-8264e0c97cb5e00f.yaml     |  10 +
.../notes/nova_cells_setup-471df6c9dd45166c.yaml   |   3 +
releasenotes/notes/nova_db-677f60f74ba34df9.yaml   |  10 +
.../notes/nova_eventlet-84ad971618732da9.yaml      |   7 +
...-image_path-configuration-9092b1c78da4d6de.yaml |   4 +
.../required-memory-increase-b7f22375c1d21aee.yaml |   6 +
releasenotes/source/_static/.placeholder           |   0
releasenotes/source/conf.py                        | 265 +++++++++++
releasenotes/source/index.rst                      |  18 +
releasenotes/source/unreleased.rst                 |   5 +
requirements.txt                                   |   1 -
scripts/instack-create-overcloudrc                 |  33 --
scripts/instack-upgrade-undercloud                 |   3 +
scripts/instack-virt-setup                         |   9 +-
setup.cfg                                          |   8 +-
templates/config.json.template                     |   2 +-
templates/net-config.json.template                 |   3 +-
test-requirements.txt                              |   1 +
tools/releasenotes_tox.sh                          |  28 ++
tools/tox_install.sh                               |  30 ++
tox.ini                                            |   8 +-
undercloud.conf.sample                             | 124 +++--
48 files changed, 1882 insertions(+), 531 deletions(-)

Requirements updates

diff --git a/requirements.txt b/requirements.txt
index afb8e35..8d041dc 100644
--- a/requirements.txt
+++ b/requirements.txt
@@ -9 +8,0 @@ pystache
diff --git a/test-requirements.txt b/test-requirements.txt
index 8d61c44..345eeb8 100644
--- a/test-requirements.txt
+++ b/test-requirements.txt
@@ -16,0 +17 @@ bashate
+reno>=1.8.0  # Apache-2.0

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