[Openstack] Cinde muti-backend feature

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Answers in line.

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Hi All,

Could someone please explain the Cinder multi-backends feature (as of Havana)? Specifically, I had the following questions:

1)      Can I attach multiple physical storage backends (let's say one all SSD, another all SATA for instance) to a single host?
Yes. A typical cinder.conf would look like:
auth_strategy = keystone

2)      How does migration between different multiple backends work? Let's say the an SSD volume is attached to a VM I want to migrate all the data in the SSD volume to a SATA volume without bringing down the interface. Do I have to manually mount/un-mount the persistent volume to the instance- how do paths are maintained? For instance, let's say the persistent volume was /dev/vdx mounted to /mnt/vol0 , how does it re-appear ?
As far as I know, you have to manually copy it from one block storage to the other by mounting the new one.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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