[Openstack] Ceilometers receives nothing.

Martinx - ジェームズ thiagocmartinsc at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 01:15:50 UTC 2013


I followed this document:

My Ceilometer does not receives any data... Still "0 bytes" showing at the
Admin Panel (/admin/metering)...

Also, no chart at "Statistics of all resources: No data available."

I installed Ceilometer endpoint / mongodb / packages in a dedicated Virtual
Machine, not at the crowd controller, keystone users / info created okay
but, it doesn't seems to be working as expected.

The Ceilometer endpoint seems to be working, since I can see the
admin/metering without any erros and, when I access it trough the
Dashboard, the ceilometer logs register the access (debug = true).

BTW, I noted that nothing was changed at the "nova.conf" of the controller
itself, only nova.conf from compute node gets updated for Ceilometer AND,
the Network Node also haven't changed. Is that right?!

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