[Openstack-operators] [openstack-dev] [nova] Would an api option to create an instance without powering on be useful?

Ben Nemec openstack at nemebean.com
Fri Nov 30 16:34:47 UTC 2018

On 11/30/18 6:06 AM, Matthew Booth wrote:
> I have a request to do $SUBJECT in relation to a V2V workflow. The use
> case here is conversion of a VM/Physical which was previously powered
> off. We want to move its data, but we don't want to be powering on
> stuff which wasn't previously on.
> This would involve an api change, and a hopefully very small change in
> drivers to support it. Technically I don't see it as an issue.
> However, is it a change we'd be willing to accept? Is there any good
> reason not to do this? Are there any less esoteric workflows which
> might use this feature?

I don't know if it qualifies as less esoteric, but I would use this for 
OVB[1]. When we create the "baremetal" VMs there's no need to actually 
power them on since the first thing we do with them is shut them down 
again. Their initial footprint is pretty small so it's not a huge deal, 
but it is another potential use case for this feature.


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