[Openstack-operators] Fwd: Nova hypervisor uuid

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 16:54:00 UTC 2018

On 11/28/2018 4:19 AM, Ignazio Cassano wrote:
> Hi Matt, sorry but I lost your answer and Gianpiero forwarded it to me.
> I am sure kvm nodes names are note changed.
> Tables where uuid are duplicated are:
> dataresource_providers in nova_api db
> compute_nodes in nova db
> Regards
> Ignazio

It would be easier if you simply dumped the result of a select query on 
the compute_nodes table where the duplicate nodes exist (you said 
duplicate UUIDs but I think you mean duplicate host/node names with 
different UUIDs, correct?).

There is a unique constraint on host/hypervisor_hostname (nodename)/deleted:

             'host', 'hypervisor_hostname', 'deleted',

So I'm wondering if the deleted field is not 0 on one of those because 
if one is marked as deleted, then the compute service will create a new 
compute_nodes table record on startup (and associated resource provider).




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