[Openstack-operators] Problems with AggregateMultiTenancyIsolation while migrating an instance

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Wed May 30 14:41:32 UTC 2018

On 5/30/2018 5:21 AM, Massimo Sgaravatto wrote:
> The problem is indeed with the tenant_id
> When I create a VM, tenant_id is ee1865a76440481cbcff08544c7d580a 
> (SgaraPrj1), as expected
> But when, as admin, I run the "nova migrate" command to migrate the very 
> same instance, the tenant_id is 56c3f5c047e74a78a71438c4412e6e13 (admin) !

OK that's good information.

Tracing the code for cold migrate in ocata, we get the request spec that 
was created when the instance was created here:


As I mentioned earlier, if it was cold migrating an instance created 
before Newton and the online data migration wasn't run on it, we'd 
create a temporary request spec here:


But that shouldn't be the case in your scenario.

Right before we call the scheduler, for some reason, we completely 
ignore the request spec retrieved in the API, and re-create it from 
local scope variables in conductor:


And *that* is precisely where this breaks down and takes the project_id 
from the current context (admin) rather than the instance:


Thanks for your patience in debugging this Massimo! I'll get a bug 
reported and patch posted to fix it.




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