[Openstack-operators] [OpenStack-Operators][OpenStack] Regarding production grade OpenStack deployment

Amit Kumar ebiibe82 at gmail.com
Fri May 18 10:46:39 UTC 2018

Hi All,

We want to deploy our private cloud using OpenStack as highly available
(zero downtime (ZDT) - in normal course of action and during upgrades as
well) production grade environment. We came across following tools.

   - We thought of using *Kolla-Kubernetes* as deployment tool, but we got
   feedback from Kolla IRC channel that this project is being retired.
   Moreover, we couldn't find latest documents having multi-node deployment
   steps and, High Availability support was also not mentioned at all anywhere
   in the documentation.
   - Another option to have Kubernetes based deployment is to use
   OpenStack-Helm, but it seems the OSH community has not made OSH 1.0
   officially available yet.
   - Last option, is to use *Kolla-Ansible*, although it is not a
   Kubernetes deployment, but seems to have good community support around it.
   Also, its documentation talks a little about production grade deployment,
   probably it is being used in production grade environments.

If you folks have used any of these tools for deploying OpenStack to
fulfill these requirements: HA and ZDT, then please provide your inputs
specifically about HA and ZDT support of the deployment tool, based on your
experience. And please share if you have any reference links that you have
used for achieving HA and ZDT for the respective tools.

Lastly, if you think we should think that we have missed another more
viable and stable options of deployment tools which can serve our
requirement: HA and ZDT, then please do suggest the same.

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