[Openstack-operators] OpenStack PTG Update

Jimmy McArthur jimmy at openstack.org
Tue May 1 20:20:49 UTC 2018

Hello Ops Folks -

Wanted to reach out regarding some concerns that have been voiced around 
the pricing at the PTG.  Part of the value of the event is allowing Ops 
and Devs to co-mingle, collaborate, and work together on solving 
problems with OpenStack. What we are betting on is the opportunity to 
show that Ops and Devs together, can make a better OpenStack.

While this new price may be higher per attendee than previous ops 
meetups, attendees do receive a free ticket to the next two Summits. The 
result is an increased price for Ops Meetup/PTG, while lowering overall 
attendee costs for the PTG/Ops Meetup + Summits. Additionally, we are 
going to extend the deadline of the Early Bird offer to May 18, 6:59 
UTC.  After that time, the price will increase from USD $199 to USD $399.

Please keep in mind that the OpenStack Foundation doesn’t profit on 
these events. Our goal is to provide the absolute best community 
experience/opportunity/value for the money.  In short, we want and need 
you there!

If you are concerned about cost and your organization will not fund your 
travel, you can apply for Travel Support 
If your organization is interested in sponsoring the PTG or supporting 
attendees through Travel Support, please email ptg at openstack.org 
<mailto:ptg at openstack.org>.

I'm sure there will be plenty of questions. We are happy to host a video 
conference if it's something that would be of value to the Ops community.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Denver!

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