[Openstack-operators] [OCTAVIA][KOLLA] - Amphora to control plan communication question.

Flint WALRUS gael.therond at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 08:59:56 UTC 2018

Hi Folks,

I'm currently deploying the Octavia component into our testing environment
which is based on KOLLA.

So far I'm quite enjoying it as it is pretty much straight forward (Except
for some documentation pitfalls), but I'm now facing a weird and hard to
debug situation.

I actually have a hard time to understand how Amphora are communicating
back and forth with the Control Plan components.

>From my understanding, as soon as I create a new LB, the Control Plan is
spawning an instance using the configured Octavia Flavor and Image type,
attach it to the LB-MGMT-NET and to the user provided subnet.

What I think I'm misunderstanding is the discussion that follows between
the amphora and the different components such as the
HealthManager/HouseKeeper, the API and the Worker.

How is the amphora agent able to found my control plan? Is the
HealthManager or the Octavia Worker initiating the communication to the
Amphora on port 9443 and so give the agent the API/Control plan internalURL?

If anyone have a diagram of the workflow I would be more than happy ^^

Thanks a lot in advance to anyone willing to help :D
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