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Flint WALRUS gael.therond at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 15:13:41 UTC 2018

Hi guys, I'm a trying to install Octavia as a new service on our cloud and
facing few issues that I've been able to manage so far, until this nova-api
keypair related issue.

When creating a loadbalancer with the following command:

openstack --os-cloud <MyCLOUD> loadbalancer create --name lb1
--vip-network-id <NETID>

My loadbalancer is in ERROR state with the following error from the NOVA
API logs:

2018-07-17 14:03:58.721 25812 INFO nova.api.openstack.wsgi
[req-69713077-c1e9-409a-9f9b-e3d5fb8006fc - - - - -] HTTP exception thrown:
Invalid key_name provided.

2018-07-17 14:03:58.723 25812 INFO nova.osapi_compute.wsgi.server
[req-69713077-c1e9-409a-9f9b-e3d5fb8006fc - - - - -],
"POST /v2.1/8dfa9231b14545bbab9d222c4425dd2f/servers HTTP/1.1" status: 400
len: 489 time: 0.8432851

>From my understanding of the nova-api source code it seems to be related to
nova-api not being able to found out the expected ssh keypair, however if
I'm doing:

openstack --os-cloud <MyCLOUD> keypair list

I'm correctly seing the octavia_ssh_key entry for my user.

Has anyone already made it work using kolla?
On a side note, I'm using stable/queens branch for both kolla docker images
and kolla-ansible.

Kind regards,
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