[Openstack-operators] [openstack-dev] [nova] Default scheduler filters survey

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 14:56:40 UTC 2018

On 4/27/2018 4:02 AM, Tomáš Vondra wrote:
> Also, Windows host isolation is done using image metadata. I have filled 
> a bug somewhere that it does not work correctly with Boot from Volume.

Likely because for boot from volume the instance.image_id is ''. The 
request spec, which the filter has access to, also likely doesn't have 
the backing image metadata for the volume because the instance isn't 
creating with an image directly. But nova could fetch the image metadata 
from the volume and put that into the request spec. We fixed a similar 
bug recently for the IsolatedHostsFilter:


If you can find the bug, or report a new one, I could take a look.




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